About us

About us

Customers are a focal point of any business. A key to successful business is satisfying your customers by providing them everything they want. And when it comes to online shopping, customers want everything: A vast assortment of high quality products, lowest prices, an exceptional customer care service, bundle of deals and discounts, 24 hour availability, fastest possible delivery and certain satisfaction. PlugnPoint provides you all these facilities with an amazing shopping experience.



PlugnPoint is UAE based online shopping platforms which deals in original products from top brands. We believe in enhancing the lifestyle of the people by offering them finest home appliances. We host a huge variety of electronic and digital products including fridges, freezers, ovens, dispensers, air conditioners, generators, televisions, health monitors, gaming, gadgets and many more. We are well aware about your desire to have an outstanding shopping experience in a limited time. Thus, we at PlugnPoint go till the end to provide personalized and a hassle free online shopping experience to our customers. Our 24 hour customer care service is always here to assist you, your family and friends to shop conveniently.



Whether you are looking for the best kitchen appliances, televisions, computers, mobiles or personal care gadgets, we offer you all the lowest possible rate. To amuse you, we offer tremendous deals, sales, coupons and gift hampers and much more. You can now save a big portion of your money by shopping at PlugnPoint.  


PlugnPoint doesn’t just deliver to your doorstep but also provides you exceptional services and the best products without any trouble. We offer you personalized assistance, to choose the optimum product from our extensive line of merchandise. We strongly believe in a philosophy, “Do to others what you want them to do with you.”


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