Aftron Home Appliances

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Aftron Press Stand Temperature Control Digital Steam Press Best In Quality Easy To Move 1600 Watts AFDSPSTAND2500

Aftron Microwave Oven 20 Liter Stainless Steel 700 Watts AFMW205MNB

  • AED 199

Aftron Plastic Kettle 1.8 Liter Whit 2000 Watts Stainless Steel AFEK1705T

Aftron Garment Steamer Extended Aluminium Hood Over Heat Protection Circuit 1600 Watts AFGS2160

  • AED 199

Aftron Garment Steamer Transparent Plastic Water Tank Burst steam And Continuously Steam 1200 Watts AFHGS2500N

  • AED 98

Aftron Steam Generator Adjustable Temperature Control Transparent Plastic Water Tank 2200 Watts AFSS2000N

  • AED 149

Aftron Microwave Oven 34 Liter Grill and Convection 1000 Watts AFMW340F

  • AED 448

Aftron 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Finish Light Indicator 850 Watts AFT225N

  • AED 75

Aftron Sandwich Maker Energy Used Electric Hassle-Free Accessibility Durable 700 Watts AFST0201N

  • AED 70

Aftron Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Safety Lock Cool Touch Handle Dual Lamp Indicator 700 Watts AFST0212

  • AED 69

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel Heating Element Concealed Heating Element Portable 2200 Watts AFEK1790T

  • AED 94

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel On/Off Switch Detachable Filter Light Indicator Durable Cordless 2200 Watts AFEK1770N

  • AED 110

Aftron Cordless Plastic Kettle 1.7 Liters Safety Lock AFPK1795N

  • AED 90

AFTRON Electric Kettle AFPK1725N

  • AED 61

Aftron Refrigerator Reversible Door With Magnetic Seal Mechanical Temperature Control AFR0140HS

  • AED 485

Aftron 2 Burner Gas Stove AFGT2040FSDN

  • AED 159

Aftron 25 Liter Microwave 900 Watts White AFMW250MN

  • AED 290

Aftron Table Gas Stove 2 Burners AFGT2141FSDN

  • AED 119

Aftron Vaccum Cleaner AFV2000N

  • AED 259

Aftron Vaccum Cleaner AFV2000N

  • AED 259

Aftron Electric Microwave Oven AFMW205MNW

  • AED 229

Aftron Home Appliances

Aftron was founded in 1994 and since then we have a brand that is really good for home appliances. It emerged as a brand that cared about the products and its customers, the reputation of Aftron in the market and in hearts of people is good. Over time there has been betterment in their products and reliability. So among all the rest Aftron home appliances are one of the best ones. Afton home appliances have the best quality and superior features. The high quality is engraved within the style and beautiful design of these home appliances. The budget-friendly home appliances are waiting for you here at plug n point.

Aftron cares about the customer value and thus offers its products to you that are the very best. They only pass the products from the factory if it passes the quality test of theirs. Also for being an international company they also have to fulfill the quality check and be according to the set and required standards. Apart from all that the company does care about its customers and users so they are really providing the best products. There are many products that are really popular so we are going to discuss only a few. For the rest, you have to visit plug n point and choose your favorite one there. Plug n point has physical stores located all across UAE you can visit them.

The best washing machines are here so that you can wash your clothes easily and with comfort. These washing machines do almost all of your work and you only have to put clothes in and take them out. This is because these machines yet can’t do that. Other than this task there are many other smart features that they have. Coming forward you should also check out the best dryers by Aftron too. moring sandwich with Aftron sandwich makes, just perfect. Oh yes, how could be your morning breakfast complete without a drink? If you like coffee or tea then we have these kettles for you, otherwise, you can check the best juicers