Aftron Microwaves and Ovens Prices In Dubai, Sharjah

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Aftron Microwave Oven 20 Liter Stainless Steel 700 Watts AFMW205MNB

  • AED 190

Aftron 25 Liter Microwave 900 Watts White AFMW250MN

  • AED 290

Aftron Microwave Oven 34 Liter Grill and Convection 1000 Watts AFMW340F

  • AED 448

Best Affordable Aftron Microwaves And Ovens in UAE

Here at Plug n Point we have the collection of microwaves and ovens that are affordable and top notch in quality. These are microwaves and ovens by AFTRON that are efficient and economical microwaves that you cannot resist but buy.

Aftron is Electronics Company that was established in 1994 and it specializes in extensive line-up of household and commercial use electronics. Aftron products like aftron mixers are currently being sold in over 40 countries around the world. These designs are affordable regarding to their rivals along with providing value to its buyers Aftron is reliable and efficient. Aftron is continuously increasing its market and market value. It is represented by many representatives around Middle Eastern countries. More than about 15 million Aftron customers are satisfied with the new Aftron Microwaves and Ovens they buy. Company's image is often represented by the dealers and representatives it has; so Aftron does not mess around with that. The company has around 250 sturdy retailers in UAE.

Aftron is among the largest electronics manufacturers. With such experience and time comes the responsibility. Aftron does not let you down with that. Aftron microwaves and ovens are prime build with care and keeping its customers in mind. These microwaves and ovens have beautiful exterior with interior to perform and last. Handy and easy to use systems of these products make your life easy, and set you free from all the worries. These cheap Aftron microwaves and ovens are manufactured keeping in mind that these would get dirty with time and you would have to clean it. Now cleaning microwaves and ovens with Aftron is as easy as it gets.

Is there a party or a family gathering; you are planning to bake grill and roast. Do not worry Aftron microwaves and ovens will make your life easy just as kenwood microwave and ovens. What? You don't have one. No worries these highly functional and expensive looking ovens aren't that expensive but sure perform like one. Now bake, grill and roast or whatever you like, throw parties and do family gatherings at your place. You got nothing to worry as long as you got Aftron. We got you covered. Grill, bake, cook, heat, defrost, and many more features.

Come buy Aftron microwave and ovens with us at Plug n Point.