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Aftron Steam Generator Adjustable Temperature Control Transparent Plastic Water Tank 2200 Watts AFSS2000N

  • AED 136

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Aftron steam make the ironing easy and quick. For the reason that you do not have to run-through sprinkler again and again. So your time is not as much wasted. Using steam iron will make the job less time consuming. Also compare and browse our selection of these dry irons. Steaming is the task everyone has to and these is no choice without it. But when it comes to steam irons you cannot use these with some fabrics, like silk and wool. The reason is that steam will damage the fabrics. Other than that most of the fabrics can be ironed with it.

Aftron steam are champ in getting out heavy creases. An extra feature is that these irons can be used as dry irons too. But do you want to use your money and still use it as dry iron. So, isn’t it just better to purchase a dry iron. The time saving factor and lightweight steam generators make your day better. You will not worn-out after ironing a pile of clothes. However some of the disadvantages that these irons have: water tank is small and you might have to refill it after some time. Sometimes these irons leave stain marks on clothes while you are ironing. There is another miracle of technology, the garment steamers. These do not require a table instead you can take out the wrinkles while the clothes are hanging. These are the most easy and comfortable.