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Aftron Plastic Kettle 1.8 Liter Whit 2000 Watts Stainless Steel AFEK1705T

  • AED 0

Aftron Top Load Washing Machine 5 KG Fully Automatic Powerful Wash Child Lock AFWA6070P

  • AED 0

Aftron Microwave Oven 20 Liter Stainless Steel 700 Watts AFMW205MNB

  • AED 0

Aftron Window Air Conditioner 2 Ton Piston Compressor AFA2450

  • AED 0

Aftron Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton Tropical Compressor 4 Way AFW30030BA

  • AED 0

Aftron Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU 1-5 Ton Piston AFW-18020BA

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Aftron Press Stand Temperature Control Digital Steam Press Best In Quality Easy To Move 1600 Watts AFDSPSTAND2500

  • AED 0

AFTRON Electric Kettle AFPK1725N

  • AED 61

Aftron Sandwich Maker 2 Slice Safety Lock Cool Touch Handle Dual Lamp Indicator 700 Watts AFST0212

  • AED 69

Aftron Sandwich Maker Energy Used Electric Hassle-Free Accessibility Durable 700 Watts AFST0201N

  • AED 70

Aftron Hand Press Citrus Juicer 0.6 Liter Adj Filter 30 Watts AFJ9030N

  • AED 72

Aftron 2 Slice Toaster Stainless Steel Finish Light Indicator 850 Watts AFT225N

  • AED 75

Aftron Cordless Plastic Kettle 1.7 Liters Safety Lock AFPK1795N

  • AED 90

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel Heating Element Concealed Heating Element Portable 2200 Watts AFEK1790T

  • AED 94

Aftron Garment Steamer Transparent Plastic Water Tank Burst steam And Continuously Steam 1200 Watts AFHGS2500N

  • AED 98

Aftron 4 in 1 Hand Blender Plastic Body With Chrome Buttons Stainless Steel Blade 600 Watts AFHB9305N

  • AED 99

Aftron Kettle Stainless Steel On/Off Switch Detachable Filter Light Indicator Durable Cordless 2200 Watts AFEK1770N

  • AED 110

Aftron Stand Mixer White AFSMP3500N

  • AED 117

AFTRON Deep Fryer 1800 Watts AFDF4000N

  • AED 132

Aftron Meat Grinders 1800w AFMG8000N

  • AED 146

Aftron Best Brand of Electronics and Home Appliances

Aftron electronics dubai Established in 1994, headquarters in Duabi, Aftron is a UAE based electronic appliances manufacturer. Over the period of two and a half decade the brand has earned a massive reputation and spread its business in more than 40 countries across the world. The brand has an extensive line of small and Beko large consumer appliances with over 14 million satisfied customers.

The huge customer base of Aftron calls the brand as one of the top electronic producers who provide high value at a very low price. Aftron has made the name as a trustworthy, efficient and reliable brand who gives much focus on customer satisfaction. It provides sophisticated models, elegant designs, and practical appliances, equipped with emerging technology. All the product output true high value and are available at pocket friendly price. Aftron appliances are true alternatives of expensive consumer electronic goods of those brands who provide low value in less price.

Explore an extensive line of stylish fridges, freezers, Aftron water dispensers, ACs, laundry and Aftron cooking appliances of Aftron on PlugnPoint. You can also buy Aftron small appliances including kettles, Aftron toasters, food processors, ovens and other at affordable prices. All the electronic products have brand warranty come up with warranty of minimum 2 years.

Aftron is a part of Al-Futtaim Group, one of the largest conglomerate of United Arab Emirates. The group was established 85 years back aiming efficacy and unpromising commitment. The brand made a name all over the world, including America, UK, France, Germany, Asia and Europe. The rapid success without compromising a quality is a uniqueness of Al-Futtaim group. The group operates in real estate, retail, automotive and financial services sectors.

AFTRON is a well-established electronic appliance company that came into existence in 1994. This company specializes in electronic products which can be used in homes daily. There is a list of more than 450 home appliances that this company produces and trade all over the world. Recently this company has made its name in the UAE region. 

As being a part of 40 counties electronic market in which AFTRON is made now they have their eyes set on a huge electronic market of Dubai. Due to the durability and long-lasting quality of AFTRON people of Dubai also considering it one of the best electronic home appliance companies in UAE. The best part about this company is its ever-evolving technology and the urge to become the best. It is a great choice for those people who want to buy great home appliances at fewer prices without any compromise on the quality of the product. This company has been a customer favorite and has a lobby of 14 million satisfied customers in the whole world. Right now over 250 dealers of AFTRON are working actively in UAE. 

AFTRON home appliances

AFTRON is becoming one of the most popular electronic product brands in the whole world and especially in the UAE. Here are some of the most sold AFTRON home appliances in UAE that you guys should know of. 

1. AFTRON Plastic Kettle

One of the most bought products of AFTRON in the whole UAE market is its Plastic Kettle. It is a great home appliance in a country like Dubai where people love their hot beverages. People who love to drink Coffee and Kahwa all the time should know the importance of this home appliance. This AFTRON home appliance will give you hot water to make your hot drinks 24/7. They are available in different shapes and sizes according to your preference. They have a rotational area of 360 degrees and produce over 2000 Watt. They have technology which protects it from overheating and has an automatic off switch button as well. 

2. AFTRON Washing machines

Now, this is a product from AFTRON which made its name in the first place. This home appliance is essential for every house and almost every house needs one. AFTRON washing machines are one of the best and they come with many different price points and features that other companies don’t give you. AFTRON washing machine prices in UAE are very fair and they give more features in their washing machines at less price. There is another major feature of washing machines by AFTRON and that is its weight. There are different weight washing machines are produced by this company like AFTRON 8 kg washing machine and 5kg washing machine. These Washing machines by AFTRON have an anti-dust system that helps to stay clean and transparent tempered glass which allows the user to look into it. 

Their washing machines are more durable than any other brand washing machines and come with a child lock. You can use its pump to drain out the water and different temperature setting for your water. All these washing products of AFTRON are available on Plugnpoint and you can order them online. 

3. AFTRON Microwave Oven

Microwave oven by AFTRON is also their most selling home appliance. They give one of the best and smart microwave oven in the whole UAE market at a fair price. These Microwave oven works on 700 Watt and has different stylish designs and sizes as well. They come with a turntable glass plate with defrost control and 5 different power levels. Microwave oven by AFTRON is one of the cheapest in the UAE market and you can get them in just 200 to 300AED range. 

A good Microwave can come handy in every single cooking style and these microwave ovens are perfect for your kitchen and will help you a lot. All the products of AFTRON microwaves are available at Plugnpoint and you can get home delivery as well from them.

4. AFTRON air conditioners

As this is an era of more digital split AC’ s but still AFTRON is making their Window AC’s. These window AC by AFTRON are one of the best products that you can find in the UAE market. These window AC’s are more powerful and better to cool your room in the harsh hot climate of UAE. They are available in different sizes from 1 ton to 2 tons. And perfectly built for UAE desert conditions. Comes with 3 different fan speed and 24000BTU. This Window AC’s by ATRON has automatic thermostat operating which makes it easy to use. AFTRON is the only company which provides Window ACs at the most reasonable price point in UAE. You can get these Window AC’s home delivered by Plugnpoint online store. There are different sales available in this store so there is a possibility that you can get AC on sale in UAE.  


When it comes to talking about home appliances how we can neglect the importance of a good smart TV by AFTRON as your Home Appliance. Just like many other companies AFTRON also provides their customers with the best LED smart TVs in the market. As UAE has one of the highest purchase of LED TV so it makes AFTRON a great brand for mediocre families. AFTRON TVs have one of the best and cheap rates in the whole UAE TV market. Where you will buy a Samsung smart TV you can get 2 high-quality Smart TV by AFTRON. This is a perfect opportunity for all those middle-class families who desire a good TV in their house but cannot pay thousands of AEDs on TV.

6. AFTRON refrigerator

A refrigerator is the basic need of any house and especially in a country like Dubai and Sharjah where the climate is so hot you need a refrigerator as a home appliance. A good refrigerator is the one which will be able to meet all your needs. In UAE people need refrigerator as home appliances and this helps them a lot to store their food and prevent it from getting rotten. If you want to know more details about AFTRON refrigerators You have to visit Plugnpoint. It is an online store where you will find every kind of electronic products of different brands. AFTRON is among those cheap electronic brands which offer a great product but just under a few AEDs. 

7. AFTRON Water Dispensers

AFTRON water dispenser is one of a kind. They are the ones that you need to give you perfectly chilled water in the hot atmosphere of UAE anytime. The water dispenser by AFTRON has been in the market of UAE for a long time and have replaced many other brands dispenser in offices and homes as well. So if you are thinking of buying a good water Dispenser in cheap price AFTRON is a brand for you. 

As being a part of 40 countries' electronic market in which AFTRON is made now they have their eyes set on the huge electronic market of Dubai. This company has been a customer favorite and has a lobby of 14 million satisfied customers in the whole world. Right now over 250 dealers of AFTRON are working actively in UAE. Due to the durability and long-lasting quality of AFTRON people of Dubai also considering it one of the best electronic home appliance companies in UAE

So here are some of the most renowned electric home appliances that are produced by AFTRON and you can get all of them at Plugnpoint