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Gree 5 Ton Free Standing Scroll Air Conditioner T4'Matic-T60C3

  • AED 5899

Midea 5 Ton Free Standing Air Conditioner MFT3GA1-60CR1

  • AED 5675

Super General Floor Standing Air Conditioner SGFS60HE

  • AED 5575

LG 1-5 Ton Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU Cooling Capacity Remote Control I32KEC

  • AED 5249

Aux 5 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioners ASTFH60A5/APA

  • AED 5200

Panasonic 2.5 Ton Split Air Conditioner CS/CU-PV30VKF-5

  • AED 5169

Midea 4 Ton Floor Standing Air Conditioner MFT3GA1-48CR1

  • AED 5115

O General 3 Ton Split Air Conditioner ASGA36FETA-UZ

  • AED 5095

LG Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton I38TKF

  • AED 4999

Mitsubishi Split Air Conditioner MS-GK36VA/MU-GK36VA

  • AED 4850

Nikai Freestanding Air Conditioners NFAC48031N4

  • AED 4726

Super General 3-5 Ton Split Air Conditioner SGS422SE

  • AED 4659

Gree Split System Air Conditioner G2-MATIC-R36C3

  • AED 4600

LG Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Ton I34TKF

  • AED 4575

Gree 3 Ton Free Standing Air Conditioner Tower-T36C3

  • AED 4499

Wolf Power Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton With Piston Compressor WSAC36PCH

  • AED 4439

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner 2.5 Ton CS/CURV30VKF

  • AED 4409

Akai Floor Standing Air Conditioner ACMA6001AFS

  • AED 4400

Panasonic Split Air Conditioner AC 2.5 Ton CS-PV30TKF5

  • AED 4356

Gree 3 Ton High Wall Air Conditioner G4'Matic-R36C3

  • AED 4199

Buy 2021 inverter Air Conditioners Sharjah Dubai UAE best Prices

There are plenty of air conditioners in the market and many different types. The first type we are going to present you here is the floor unit energy efficient air conditioners. Floor Standing Air Conditioners offer high flexibility as they are easily portable. You can move them when you want and there will be no fuss at all. These do not require any fixation in walls or windows and this is the biggest benefit of these. They also have built-in dehumidifiers and it is the best. Some of these units have a try that collects all water dropping while others have a pipe that carries water. For water management, there is lots of work required even if you have to manually empty the tray.

For hot areas the use of air conditioners becomes necessary. The most common and easy to install unit is the Window Air Conditioner. These air conditioners are very easy to install and uninstall and it takes short time, which is why they are popular. The good thing here is that you can install them by yourself and do not have to wait and pay for some professional. They can cool even big places in less amount of time, moreover, they are cheap. The disadvantages that you get with these is the increase in electricity bills. Installation in every room if you want cooling there too.

Split Air Conditioners came to reduce the electricity bills and still give you cool heavenly breezes. They are suitable for small and large rooms. You can choose from the gives sizes and buy the one that suits you. The air distribution in the room is even and there are many air throw settings you can adjust. Along with energy efficient air conditioners, they have quiet operation. The downside is that you need some trained professionals to install these. Uninstalling and reinstalling is a mess and takes a lot of time.

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Air conditioners Prices in UAE is rapidly changing. High temperature and air conditioners are inseparable and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) face warm weather throughout the year. It’s very difficult to spend an hour, even minutes, in the scorching heat while sweating all the time. You can not spend most of the months without having a proper air condition system. To help you fight against hot weather, “Plug n Point” came up with a big range of high-quality ACs from top AC manufacturers. Our internet store will help you to get your desired product at your home/office. At PlugnPoint we have best inverter Ac price in UAE. Now, you will not need to go to a market in an extreme climate. We save you from the hassle of conventional shopping.

On our store, you can find ACs of renowned companies, such as Gree, Panasonic, Haier, Samsung, Super General, TCL, LG, Europe etc. These air conditioners are available various cooling capacities, i.e. One ton to eight tons. We have a variety of inverter and non-inverter ACs; you can also pick the AC based on your compressor preference. Cheap Airconditioner in Dubai available at PlugnPoint.

At “PlugnPoint”, you have a number of options. Choose the right air conditioner from them. You can purchase window, split, standing, portable, duct or air curtain AC of top class companies.

If you feel confused to take a decision about purchasing a specific unit, must read the description of each subcategory or air conditioner type to get rid of your ambiguity. To assist you in finalizing the appropriate AC, we have mentioned the benefits of different types of air conditioners.

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