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AED 99
AED 950



Super Asia Cooler Super Cool ECM 4500

  • AED 763

Super Asia Air Cooler 75 Liters ECM 5000

  • AED 840

Super Asia Air Cooler 60 Liter ECM6000

  • AED 815

Pak Water Air Cooler PK4000

  • AED 630
30% OFF

Nobel Portable Air Cooler NPAC101

  • AED 99
  • AED 69

Nikai Air Cooler NAC1048N1

  • AED 292

Midea Multi Function Air Cooler With Remote and LED Display AC200W

  • AED 576

Midea For Room Air Cooler With Auto Shut Off Pump AC120S

  • AED 419

Midea 3 Fan Speed Portable Air Cooler Premium Design AC100R

  • AED 293

Dannio 60 Liter Air Cooler EAC 60BU

  • AED 950

Air Cooler Price in Dubai UAE

Who loves blazing sun, scorching heat and extensive sweat all around in the summer? Of course, no one.  That’s why we spend a lot of money to shop cooling appliances whether they are in the form of fans, air coolers or air conditioners. Though these products cost high, but still we can’t resist to shop them to avoid the negative impacts of humidity and high temperature.

Plug n Point brings an extensive line of air cooler which are budget friendly to buy, high in efficiency and durability. You can use evaporating coolers in really dry areas by cutting down the high electricity bills caused by running air conditioners. They are very good alternative for ACs, cheaper in price and less power consumption as compared to them. Air coolers are cheap to install and easy to maintain. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and do not release harmful substances and gases in air.

If you are searching for cost efficient and highly productive air coolers then go through this category which gives you an easy success to various types of coolers. Keep in mind that the cooling capacity of coolers is not measured in British Thermal Unit (BTU) but in the fan pressure that requires to circulate the air in installed area, in cubic feet per minute.

Some of these coolers operate on direct evaporative technique, i.e., converting water into vapors resulting into the cooling and humidification of air.  The second type of coolers work on indirect evaporative technique, i.e., use secondary heat exchangers to avoid humidification of air.  But both of them stops working in extreme humid areas.  The third type of air coolers involves both direct and indirect techniques, which results in high efficiency, more cooling and less humidity.

Search in air cooler shelf to get a unit which fulfils your requirements. Feel cool in summers with an exclusive range of top class air coolers by Plug n Point.