Air Curtains | Commercial Air Curtain Rate List 2020

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AED 2233


Panasonic Curtain 90 cm Air 3 Feet Distance FY-14ESN

  • AED 2233

Panasonic Air Curtain 1200 mm 4 Feet Distance FY-14ELN

  • AED 0

Kodama Air Curtain Multiple Unit Specification Light Indicator Corded Electric Energy Used 455 Watts KAC-1505

  • AED 0

Air Curtains | Commercial Air Curtain Rate List 2020

Air Curtain Specifications always required before buying. Air curtains are also known as air doors, which create an invisible barrier between two environments. They act as a hurdle between the indoor air and outdoor air to move from one place to another. Air curtains help to have cool interior during the summer while they provide you a cozy indoor environment during winter, without hindering the motion of people and things. Buy over door air curtains online for best prices. The air fans also hinder insects to enter into your building. At PlugnPoint, you can explore the finest collection of air curtains at lowest price in UAE.

No matter which size of air curtain you want or where you want to install it. We deal in all sizes of over door air curtains which will amalgamate the intricate structure of your apartment, home, office or building. Our small air curtains won’t only give you comfort, but their efficient energy consumption will relax you against your utility bills. 

Explore the vast collection of small air curtains at PlugnPoint and pick your favorite item. We ensure the fastest delivery of efficient home products at the cheapest rates across UAE.