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Top rated Air Fryers 2021 buy in Dubai

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AED 1299


Philips Air Fryer XXL HD9650/91

  • AED 1299

Philips Best Quality Essential XL Air Fryer HD9270/91

  • AED 699

Kenwood Large Capacity Air Fryer HFP90.000BK

  • AED 525

Philips Air Fryer Durable Handle For Tight Grip Easy Cooking Quick Air Technology 1425 Watts HD9216

  • AED 525

Black And Decker Multifunction Digital AerOfry AF600-B5

  • AED 499

Nutricook Rapid Air Fryer NC-RAF55

  • AED 475

Kenwood Air Fryer HFP50.000BK

  • AED 475

Prestige Best Quality Air Fryer PR7512

  • AED 449

Geepas Best Quality Air Fryer GAF37520

  • AED 440

Philips Daily Collection Air Fryer HD9217/01

  • AED 425

Philips Air Fryer HD9218/51

  • AED 416

Geepas Air Fryer 5 Litres GAF37510

  • AED 399

Philips Essential Air Fryer HD9200

  • AED 359

Princess Air Fryer Removable And Dishwasher-Safe Parts High Speed Air Convection 1500 Watts PRN182020

  • AED 356

Nutricook Air Fryer NC-RAF36

  • AED 339

Black And Decker Air Fryers AF200-B5

  • AED 249

Touchmate Digital Air Fryer TMAF101

  • AED 249

Black And Decker Air Fryer AF150-B5

  • AED 239

Palson Air Fryers Cool Touch Handle Adjustable Thermostat Timer Up To 30 Minutes 1500 Watts 30645

Palson Air Fryer Integrated Air Filter Adjustable Thermostat Cool Touch Handle 1500 Watts 30646

Top rated Air Fryers 2021 buy in Dubai

Best Air frying is a modern device which cooks or fry food by circulating the hot air around the food.AThey allow you to enjoy a relish taste of deep fried foods without using a large amount of oil.An airfryer is one of the best and useful home appliances which makes your life east with joy.For those who want to cut out fat from their diet but don’t want to sacrifice on fried food, must buy an airfryer. You can cook fried chicken, French fries and almost everything in best air fryers. Browse our air fryer shelf and buy the one which fulfills your requirements. Enjoy the taste of fried foods without gaining weight. 

Air fryer is not that common as kitchen appliance but as with the time people are using smart gadget for cooking food there is no denying that it will a popular kitchen appliance in the future. This gadget has multiple uses in a kitchen you can use it for frying, baking, grilling and cooking as well.  It is a healthier choice for you to cook your food in because it uses hot air instead of oil to fry your food. 

Working of an air fryer is very simple it circulates hot air in every corner of its vessel so it will cook your food evenly and in high speed. This is a great way to enjoy fried food without any unhealthy components added.

There are multiple things that you have to keep in mind before getting an air fryer for yourself and they are as follows. 

1-Capacity of air fryer

Capacity of your air fryer matters a lot when you guys are getting one for yourself. If you are getting a small one than 1 to 2-liter unit is enough for you but if you are frying food on bigger scale than 5-liter unit is the best choice. Usually 5-liter air fryers are best because they don’t cost much and give you some extra room as well. So always keep in mind that how much capacity air fryer you need to fulfil your cooking demand in your kitchen. 

2-Energy consumption

This is another major point that you guys need to focus when buying an air fryer for yourself. A good air fryer is always keep a check on your energy consumption. Air fryers work on electricity and can support 800 watts to 1500 watt. This measurement also controls the heat in your air fryer and a good air fryer will be cheap as well. 

3-Temperature control

Most air fryer in Sharjah work smartly and has a temperature control knob on them. Usually these kind of air fryers are more user friendly and you can adjust the temperature to cook your food at your preferred temperature. Different recipes need different temperature to cook in so always get the one which will help you to control temperature on your food. 

4-Safety is must

Last but not least, always keep in mind to check the quality of building material on your air fryer. Keep in mind that your air fryer should be cool to touch when frying your food so it won’t get burned. It should not be slippery and maintain a grip on the floor of your kitchen. Because if it's slippery than it can easily burn your body. It should also have an automatic shut-off button. 

So here are some of the tips that you guys can look at when buying an air fryer for yourself. Plugnpoint is an online store where you can find air fryers from different companies.

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