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Akai Kitchen Machine SMMA-1002a

  • AED 299

Akai Microwave Oven 25 Liter with Grill Power 1000 Watts MWMA825DMW

  • AED 238

Akai Kitchen Machine Stand Mixer With Blender Unique Slantwise 1200 Watts SMMA-1001

  • AED 405

Akai Refrigerator RFMA-60DFH

  • AED 425
15% OFF

Akai 4 Gas Burner Cooker With Oven Fully Safety Glass Lid crma-66sc

  • AED 699

Akai Showcase Refrigerator 150 Litres with Glass Door SCMA150

  • AED 735

Akai Chiller 270 Liters Showcase Chiller Black Adjustable Storage Shelves Upright Bottle Cooler SCMA270A

  • AED 910

Akai Window Air Conditioner 1.5 Ton T3 Tropical Rotary ACMA-18WTR1

  • AED 925

Akai Split Air Conditioner 3 Ton ACMA3050KSAP

  • AED 2025

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Akai is a consumer electronics company and a brand name. The company was found in 1946 and is based and operational from Japan Tokyo. The headquarters is in Japan. It is also known as Akai electric company because they deal and manufacture consumer electronics, home and kitchen appliances, electric appliances. Akai Company is a subsidiary or child company of the brand Grande Holdings and InMusic Brands (the Akai professional). The company was founded by Masukichi Akai and his son, thus the company was named Akai.

The company was in business in the 1991 and in during that time the business it was doing was at its peak. So the company employed 100,000 employees and the annual sales were 5.2 billion us dollar. Over the time there were lots of accusations to the company and one of them claimed that hat Ting had stolen over US$800m from the company with the assistance of accountants Ernst & Young who had tampered with audit documents going back to 1994. Obviously the accusations were false and the person making the claims was imprisoned.

There are many historical and products designed and developed by Akai that are of very grave importance in making the history. These include reel to reel audio tape recorders, tuners, cassettes, microphones and others too. This present day Akai deals in video, home appliances, mobile phones, audio and digital appliances, and last but not the least TVs. Akai products are built keeping in mind the international quality standards and the customers and user needs and wants.