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Irak Plastik Baby 5 Pieces Set Home Design Multi Color CM-700

  • AED 152

Irak Plastik Pasha Potty Trainer Home Design Multi Color CM-150

  • AED 72

Irak Plastik Potty Trainer With Melody Baby Design CM-140

  • AED 63

Irak Plastik Baby Bath Tubs Child Ladder For Baby Design Rubber Girp on Top CM-510

  • AED 41

Irak Plastik Baby Bath Tubs And Baby Bath Seats Turbo Potty Trainer For Baby Design CM-130

  • AED 37

Irak Plastik Potty Trainer Adaptor Home Design CM-240

  • AED 34

At lows baby bath tubs and baby bath seats buy in UAE

Plug n point offers you the cheapest and lowest prices baby bathtubs and baby bath seats. Bathing is important and a part of your life. You can’t roam around with dirt and smell, or can you. Buy latest baby bathtubs and baby bath seats for your infant and make the bathing time fun for them. Here we have the latest baby bathtubs and bath seats in many different kind and sizes. Check out these Bathroom Sets and buy them while they are cheap and on sale.

There are some with the cartoon on it and others are just simple. Here you have a wide and huge range of options to choose from. All the items are completely genuine and of the highest quality. We are offering you market competitive rates and offers. See the specifications and features of all the baby bathtubs and baby bath seats and look for what you like in these. If you have a little more time you should also visit this section, Bedding & Bath to see other stuff that you will also like.

These cheapest bathtubs and baby bath seats can be placed on the floor. This way you do not have to bend down to bath the baby which will result in no back pain. The biggest advantage of a baby bath is, if the bathroom is too cold then you can also place it in the room or some other place without any worries. However, there are some disadvantages too. Your infant might not like it. It might be used only for a shorter time because they grow up fast.

Fully immersed in water might feel unsafe for them and it is not wise to do. These baths and bath seats help you not getting all in the water and having fun in there. These bath seats are handy and lightweight so you can carry them with you. Lightweight does not mean that they are of poor quality. These are built in such a way to hold lots of weight and strain.

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