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Beverage Coolers | Drinks Fridge Prices Online 2021

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AED 6311


Terim Beverage Cooler 600 Liter Stainless Steel 15 Non Ball Bearing Shelves With Lock TERBC220DZ

  • AED 6311

Terim Beverage Cooler 325 Liter 11 Non-Ball Bearing Shelves With Lock Dual Temperature Zone TERBC128DZ

  • AED 4439

Terim Beverage Cooler Single Door 25 Bottles Dual Zone TERBC30DZ

  • AED 3191

Terim Beverage Cooler 225 Liter Dual Temperature Zone 85 Watts TERBC76DZ

  • AED 2328

Super General Beverage Cooler 338 Liters Single Door Upright Bottle Cooler 4 Wire Shelves Single Door SGSC398

  • AED 1299

Hoover Wine Cooler 36 Bottles Patent IMCR Technology HWC36B-X

Hoover Wine Cooler 58 Bottles Patent IMCR Dual System HWC58B-X

Smeg Built-in Wine Cooler Anti-UV Door Glass Adjustable Temperature Zones 40 Watts CVI618NR

Terim Beverage Cooler Stainless Steel Dual Temperature Zone Touch Panel LCD Screen TERBC166DZ

Beverage Coolers | Drinks Fridge Prices Online 2021

If you are going to replace you are going to replace your fridge or old beverage cooler then these beverage coolers collection is just the right one for you. The temperature that these drinks fridge offer is just right for the beverages. Bar refrigerators are good for storing beverages and things like beer however it is too cool for wine. There is a temperature control knob with which you can set the temperature according to your needs. Fridge for drinks are also known as the bar refrigerators. These are just like refrigerators with glass door.

First of all the advantage of the glass door is that you can see which thing you want and where to get it from without opening the door. This way less cooling is lost. You should also check out some more home appliances. These beverage coolers are mostly used for commercially so that is the reason these were introduced with glass doors. These are not only good for commercial use but they are equally good if you want to have it by your bed or in the hall. If you are thinking about buying a refrigerator instead, then check out these top of the line refrigerators.

Beverage coolers:

Here you can find different sizes of beverage coolers here. So, choose the size and model you want and order it. Plug n point will deliver it your home anywhere in UAE. Our customer care team consists of highly professional and trained members. They are always ready and there to help you in the hour of need. You can compare the prices and features of all those you like. This way you can find the best fit for yourself. Place these freestanding beverage coolers where you like. Cool beverage coolers at plug n point are best for cooling and chilling your beverages. If you were looking for such Single office beverage cooler then you came looking at the right place. Here at plug n point, we have all the coolers that you want. You can search for our category and browse through our section and collection of the world famous and first-class quality of office beverage coolers. To let you have better convenience and online shopping experience of all time we are offering home delivery. With our fast delivery service you can have your order at your doorsteps within a day and even less.


Best beverage coolers:

The spacious beverage cooler to have icy cold beverages and cans will be perfect for you. If you want to buy one of these coolers for your bar, shop, mall or any other commercial use then let us tell you that this is the best option. No tuck chop or a mall is complete without a cooler in it, which chills beverages. Especially in hot summer, days people get to your shop to have a cold and that perfectly chilled drink or bottle of water. These coolers will always keep the drinks and can be chilled so that you can enjoy them anytime you want. The cooling systems of beverage coolers are based on compressors.

Drink coolers are best and you will feel that they are convenient for all your cooling needs. At plug n point you can easily find all sizes and types of coolers and your favorite brands too. Buy the best one that you like the most. There are many features and functions available with it. You can totally adjust the internal shelves and lower or higher the height as you wish. The internal led light is very beneficial at night times. You can easily see the items inside without opening the door, because of the see-through door. This way less cooling is lost and you can get most out of the Single Door beverage cooler.

The see-through glass window, stainless steel lining, and beautiful sides add more beauty to it. This cooler will add more beauty to wherever you put it. Yet, this particular appliance is designed to chill drinks, beverages, and cans but you can use it however you want. The knob to control temperature and settings is available at easy access so that you can regulate the settings as you like. For better results, you should not overfill the cooler and leave at least two or three inches around it. This beverage cooler is best for people who want to use it commercially and also for the people who are living in small areas. If you want it for your office or to have a mini fridge in your room then go on it will not disappoint you.

Beverage cooler is one of a kind technical miracle which is changing people's living style for decades. Usually a beverage cooler is a type of refrigerator in which you just put your drinks to cool down and drink them whenever you feel thirsty. Beverage cooler in Dubai is becoming more popular because of the hot environment of that region. People need something cool them down whenever they reach home. 

A beverage cooler in Dubai can be a great cooling partner for you and a very essential home appliance as well. With a beverage cooler you don’t need to worry about hot or room temperature water. You will get perfectly chilled water with these best beverage cooler 24\7.


Why Buy a Beverage cooler?

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to buy a beverage cooler in Dubai. When you have a refrigerator in the house then why you need a beverage cooler? The answer is that your refrigerator will have less capacity to hold other food items in it if you put lots of beverages in it. The beverage compartment in a normal refrigerator is very small so you cannot fit more bottles of water in there.

On the other hand, a good beverage cooler have different compartment for your beverages where you guys can put each of them accordingly. There are special compartments which holds your cans and other one for your water bottles and beverages. It is a great home appliance for you if you hosts parties often. It will provide cool beverages to your guests each time and you don’t have to worry about bringing ice to your party. You can easily store your 12 pack in there. 


Feature to look when buying one

There are different kinds of features that you have to look upon while buying a new and best beverage cooler for yourself. These points will help you to find cheap beverage cooler in Dubai



You have to keep in mind the budget you want to spend on your beverage cooler. There are many highly priced beverage coolers available in Dubai market but you can get a good one at 500 AED as well. 


You have to know that what kind of beverage cooler size will suit you. If you drink more beverages or host parties than large size will be better for you otherwise small size is enough. 


So, here all the things that you need to know about beverage cooler before buying one so go and get one for yourself at plugnpoint.

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