SMEs Really Brings Economic Balance and Stability in UAE?

22 Nov 2018

The Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, crown prince Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nayhan and the Deputy Supreme Commander of UAE Armed forces, visited Amman recently at an official ceremony. There they were received by the Jordan King Abdullah II and in their honor, they received a 21 gun salute fire. The national anthem of UAE and Jordan were played there. The reason for the visit to Amman was to discuss the regional security details and Palestinian peace.

In the meeting, King of Jordan and Mohammad Bin Zayed discussed the mutual ties and the developments regarding international and regional areas. Both of the parties witnessed the signing of 100 million dollar agreement between the Khalifa fund and king of Jordan’s foundation. The deal is to support 22.000 SMEs in Jordan.

Jordan is focusing on its SME. SMEs are the small and medium enterprises, which are targeted by competition and exports of private business, in Jordan. Afterward, the signing of contract meeting talks was held on the topics of strong relation of UAE and Jordan. Matters relating to regional and international developments issues were also among the disquiets. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nayhan also addressed the efforts Jordan is making in fighting the terrorism and other such groups.PlugnPoint is also an enterprise in the UAE that is offering you many products, online shopping, and many other services.

Addressing this matter he said that: Jordan has an important and fundamental role in the issues that the Middle East is facing. Further on he added: thanks to the sensible policies of King Abdullah and the efforts he made the work he has done for the supreme Arab interests. In their talks both the leaders' Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nayhan and King of Jordan, Abdullah stressed on the importance of Arabs working together and facing all the challenges and crises together. This will strengthen the ability and security of both sides and its people.

In recognition of Sheikh Mohammad’s efforts to strengthen the relationship between two nations, Jordan King Abdullah conferred upon the orde, Hussain Ibn Ali. Later on, an official reception was also held for this event. It was named as HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed's Rapid Intervention Brigade, short for His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nayhan; from the rapid intervention.

Mohammad Bin Zayed was accompanied by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed, Ali Bin Hammad Al Shamsi, UAE’s Ambassador to the US who are the minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, Deputy Secretary-General of the Supreme National Security Council, Mattar Saif Sulaiman Al Shamsi respectively. UAE’s Ambassador to Jordan and some other senior officials were present there as well among others.

The $100 million pact signed on Wednesday, is to strengthen SMEs in Hashemite kingdom and to make sure the economic balance and its stability. With the fund, more than 22,000 projects could be started over five years and the end result will be more than 28,000 jobs for the locals of Jordan. Women-focused projects are about 47 percent however rural areas are getting 40 percent of the total finance. This agreement is about the strength and relationship between these two countries. They have realized and are working on making it better. This will strengthen the institutions and entrepreneurship opportunities for SMEs there, along with better trade options.

Both countries will develop entrepreneurship and national strategies keeping view the regulations and policies of both of them. Microfinance, women and youth empowerment will be new also people from disadvantaged areas will be focused too.

Crown Prince Foundation’s board of trustees: “Our collaboration will support our youth, those from to underprivileged areas in particular, and women too. Our priority will be for supporting SMEs and small enterprises. This will complement many of our projects and will also help in supporting the overall economic development process in Jordan.

Adding on: With the help of this partnership, the role our youth will be playing in development will also be strengthened. Moreover, the UAE will also be providing $833 million as an AID to Jordan. Apart from all this, you should definitely visit us and or you can shop here by choosing your favorite brand, add items and leave the rest to us.