What is the success rate of three-year developmental plan Ghadan 21?

19 Sep 2018

The government of Abu Dhabi announces the amount of $13.6 billion for the development. Recently Abu Dhabi has not been developed in terms of business, education, and living, as compared to the rest of the world. Over the course of some past years, there has been so much development in the field of technology. The world has discovered too many things and the curriculum of studies has been completely upgraded. The invention and usage of new technologies have started to be very common and daily life thing. But for Abu Dhabi, the case has not been the same.

The amount of $13.6 billion has been approved in order to overcome those drawbacks. The main areas and industries where this budget is yet known to be invested in business, living, knowledge, research, and development, and living. While it is important to increase and improve the standards of education, health and business sector, it is equally important to mend and upgrade the standards of living and technology. Being a country for UAE and especially, in this case, Abu Dhabi has to upgrade and improve itself to maintain the status that it once had. And to do so the amount of Dh50 billion has been assigned.

Development plan Ghadan 21:

The development has been approved by the officials during the meeting with members of the executive committee. According to a news agency “Wam”, the meeting was between the Sheikh bin Zayed AL Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander of UAE Armed forces, they agreed to pass the three-year plan for development. This development plan has been given the name of “Ghadan 21”. Ghadan 21 is Arabic for tomorrow. The main goal and reason for this development plan are to enhance the competitiveness and business, investors, residents and education experiences of those living in Abu Dhabi. To better execute the plan it is divided into different phases. The first part of the first phase will focus on improving the basic needs and living of citizens and those who live there. The second part of the first phase will include the priorities of investors.

Three phases of Ghadan 21:

The outcome of the first phase is to increase and make sure the continuous flow of business and investments along with financial development. Sheikh also advised focussing on renewable energy generation projects. After the successful completion of the first phase of this project, by the will of Allah, there will be an inevitable second phase. It will focus on empowering the community of the UAE. Now, how can this goal be achieved? By giving more opportunities for employment and work for the locals. There will be better and reachable housing schemes. The future and present of education is also planned to be improved in the second phase. The first to accomplish here will be to make education accessible at reasonable cost.

Then will come the third phase and it will be meant to better the technology and corporate sector. This goal is planned to be achieved by encouraging new and emerging companies. Work will also be done in Technology and IT fields and youth and new talent will also be welcomed! Supporting and funding research and development sectors with training new talent will also be kept under consideration.

The reason is just one, to take up the level of UAE to where the rest of the world stands this will sustain of Emirates. As far as changing the life in UAE goes cultural, sports, infrastructure, transportation, communication and developmental changes are yet planned to be made. The initiatives taken by Government of Abu Dhabi were supported by Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed. With the partnership and communication between governmental bodies, community and the commercial division of UAE they are making sure the successful completion and great outcomes of this project. It will enhance the economic growth of the UAE.