10 Best LED TVs of 2019 Available in UAE

29 Mar 2019

With so many LED TV out there in the market these days, you can easily get carried away by the looks. So you might miss the best market has to offer you. So, we bring you the best-LED TVs for 2019 which is one the top home appalinces in the UAE. The year is already halfway through so better get these TVs before it’s too late. If you are looking for a place where you can the best-LED TV at cheap and affordable prices then plug n point present you with its LED TVs collection. Without further ado here is the list.


Samsung Q9FN:

This 65 inch 4K LED TV is sitting on top of the list the most user ratings. The screen is quantum sots and high refresh rate. So it will also give you the best gaming experience. The design is slim and weight is not too much. You can see things crystal clear. Along with the display, it also has good sound quality. There are lots of smart features on this TV. So, if you noticed the TV is by Samsung. So, how can it be they did not introduce their favorite Bixby with it? However, it is not up to expectations. Its black level and color saturation are also good.


TCL Roku TV:

The TCL 6 series 65 inches not less than the Samsung in any way. The refresh rate is half of that Samsung’s i.e. 60 Hz but it is still is good enough. Its weight is also lightweight. You would like the black levels and colors of this LED TV. TCL is a well know company and they are reliable. But there is one bad thing about it. The viewing angles are not so good. This TV is the best if you want good value for the money spent. Get these LED TV right now. If you want to have a look at some others, then visit plug n point and check these smart LED TVs.

Its display has good color range, the action is smooth because of the good refresh rate. Brushed metal design of TCL give the TV extra beautiful looks, the Dolby Vision support enhances the experience.


Sony A9F OLED:

This is premium OLED TV by Sony. They are famous since ever for making the most beautiful and top-notch performance devices. If we see the user rating, this TV has more user rating compared to the others. The refresh rate of this TV is 120Hz which is very good. You can play games on this without any lag and missing any detail. Lightweight of this TV is another thing what makes it among the top quality ones. TCL is a point above this one because what it has to offer for the price is amazing. This is just our opinion. This one is pricier but still justifies the price with its features.

On this TV you can see the details without missing any color when you get color or contrast to zero or max. This is one of the most important and astonishing features of this TV. Like always Sony sound quality is on point. If you do not like the sound you could always get these home theater from plug n point. It has a good operating system.


Vizio P65-F1:

You might have not heard the name but we ensure that it is worth spending your money on it. Its 65 inch TV screen with high 120 Hz refresh rate is good enough to do all the tasks like playing games and watching an action movie. You won’t miss any details on this one. 100-zone backlighting is what they call their color range. Application support on this one is local and the bad thing about it is that it is limited. If you are used to the voice assistant then be aware that this TV does feature one. But of course, you can let some things go if you are not willing to pay a higher price.



TCL 43S517:

TCL got another place in this top 10 TVs of 2019 list. This in top LED TV you can get in this price range. As far as the specifications go it has 43 inches LCD screen with a 60 Hz refresh rate and weights an 18.5 pounds. This TV is super affordable and for this price, they are offering too many features and specifications. Its slim design is beautiful but their Dolby Vision enhances and takes to another level. For the top of the world sound, it has Dolby atoms support, once you get this you will never for the experience. There are not many ports though. TCL has a good reputation in the market, so does this TV. In average price, you can get this top quality TV.


Samsung Q6F QLED:

The 65 inches Quantum Dot LCD is just amazing with the refresh rate of 120 Hz. It is also lightweight and there are many other features that you can explore after you buy these. Color quality is great on this TV and along with it, this one has good HDR. For good audio, they have installed a good audio system. Do not take for Dolby atoms, because it is not. This is okay if you do not like the sound on TV. You can always go for these soundbars buy these from plug n point.


LG 65SK9500:

LG is the company that has always kept its users and buyers amazed. This time we are presenting you with their UHD super big 65 inch TV. This is a smart TV and one of the first ones. With a high refresh rate and lightweight, this makes a perfect TV. For perfect sound and crystal clear image you get to have Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. If you have not yet heard about LG ThinQ AI then in this TV you will. There is also the Google Assistant. Color grading and the range is not as good as the top listed TVs but it’s still good.


Sony X690E:

If you are into the big TVs this Sony’s 70 inch LCD TV is not the one to miss. 60 pounds and 60 Hz weight and refresh rate, respectively. Its thin design and great sound are mesmerizing. But on the other side controls are confusing rest is all good.


Insignia Fire TV Edition:

Amazon is new in the electronics industry but they have not ceased to give out excellent products. This Amazon’s Fire TV is one of them. With 43 inches 4K LCD TV and a refresh rate of 60 Hz, this TV is really light. This one is also voice assistant supported. Amazon is a new competitor yet their products are really good.


SunBriteTV Signature Series:

The next product on the list is by SunBriteTV. This is no doubt one of the best TVs out there. Users and customers have also rated it a good TV. You get to have a 55 inches LCD type screen which has a 60 Hz refresh rate. This TV weights about 70 pound. The feature that makes it stand above all is its weatherproof design but this design and feature exclude built-in speakers. Along with that, there is no smart function. Not many people would do that but if you would like to take your TV out in the rain, storm, or just take it out then this is the TV for you. Yes, this is made for it, we don’t know what the story behind it is but it is made for it. As there are no built-in speakers you can always go buy these Hi-Fi systems