How Shopping Trends have been Changes in UAE 2019?

25 Mar 2019

The internet has changed the shopping trends and now a day’s online shopping is pretty popular. E-commerce is setting its trends and the shopping behaviors in Dubai has changed. Online shopping is increasing and people are trusting it more. There are many services and offers online shopping offer you. Here are the top 10 facts about online shopping stores and shopping behaviors in Dubai. if you are looking for the best home appliances shopping store then visit plug n point.


Role of social media:

Social media has a big impact on e-commerce and shopping, especially in the UAE. You see what you want, relevant shopping and ads are shown to you on Facebook. It is easier to directly go to the store from social media rather than searching for a specific product. So social media is a fast way of shopping and finding the best products.

Internationally more than half of the shoppers has social media as an influence in shopping. 72% of people in the Middle East and about 94% of people have Facebook, 52% say their shopping is influenced by social media platforms. Twitter while Google and Instagram fall on 52% and 46% relatively in GCC countries.


E-commerce rise:

The internet is getting better and with it, online shopping is also penetrating is making home in customers hearts. As life is getting busier and people have less time. In this kind of situation, online shopping is the best solution. You are saved from the traffic, hustle, and bustle of shopping places. The first and biggest challenge is finding a parking space and the last and biggest challenge is to find the spot where you parked your car.


The Demographics:

People are starting to move towards online shopping slowly. Annual Master Card behavior study revealed that nearly 35% of Middle citizens have used the internet for online shopping. Among all these 83% of people are satisfied with the shopping experience. 99% of people carry a phone with them and use the internet on it. About 80% of people have listed their payment services and options on the phone. About 60 to 70% of citizens prefer to shop form, local vendors and sellers.


Shopping on smartphones:

Most of the people do not have time to get on a laptop or desktop just to check online shopping stores. So, they have moved towards smartphones. More than 75%, 73%, 60%, and 50% of smartphones are penetrating the internet in Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan regions. These numbers are constantly increasing day by day. With this increase, the mobile shopping experience has significantly improved.


Demographics of online shoppers:

More than 70% of people shop online at least once in their lives. 50% or more prefer local retailer only. 74% carefully research before buying. 49% of people buy only when they see price comparisons. While 48% of people’s reason top shop online is some coupon or voucher they want to avail.

A study reveals the highest part of online shoppers is between 26 and 35 years. While 46%, 50%, and 42% of online shoppers are of this age group in Saudia, Egypt, and Kuwait and UAE, respectively. Surprise, more than 31% online shopping is done by people less than 1 years in the Middle East. Male percent of online shopping is 68% while females are at 32%.


Online shopping vs Ecommerce:

A survey proposes e-commerce purchase is a combination of online and offline touch-point. As of now online and offline both are in demand. E-commerce is still has a small percentage of overall shopping in UAE. However, online shopping can’t be ignored. It is growing fast and rapidly. The trend is already in but it will take time.



Online shopping facts in UAE:

72% of people made their first online purchase in the last two years. Among this 63 % of people want to pay if delivery is on the same day. Of all the population a little more than half does not trust online shopping. This is because they want to see and touch before buying. About 75% of people think they buy more when shopping online. 40% of users also are concurred about their security. By the end of 2019 online shopping in UAE is expected to cross $12 billion.


Why do they go for online shopping?

The market competitive prices and offers are the first things that attract customers. Then they do not have to go out and find parking space, find the car, get tired while choosing and etc. Cash on delivery is another factor. Quick shopping which you can do while coming back home, in free time. Most of the shoppers do it just because their first shopping experience was good. Some places offer free shipping and safe ways to pay, so these things also are reasons. You can get the products that are not available in your local market.


Top rated categories:

Movies, books, entertainment is at number one with 54%. Health and beauty are at 48%. Electronics, sports and outdoor, and toys are all at 44%. Watches and jewelry are popular among 42% of people. Clothing, homeware, home appliances, and grocery are on 41%, 35%, 31%, and 27% respectively.


Customer care service:

The customer care service the online brands give you is awesome. Most of the people are convinced by the representative’s guide. The rest are not ready to admit their problem is them. Well, now most of the brands are offering return and exchange policies which are really good. Some brand even says “365-day return, no question asked.” But the condition here is that the product must not have any defaults and be intact.



Coming years are good for e-commerce in UAE and it is to set new records. Online shopping is still growing in the UAE as a new trend but it will take time.