List of 10 Latest Technology Home Appliances in UAE

22 Mar 2019

Technology is ever changing and in the past years, many things have changed. The home appliances you have in your home or see in the market or online, all of them did not exist some years ago. You would never have thought of most of these appliances some years ago. So here we have a list of top 10 home appliances that did not exist a few years back. If you are ready you can have a look at these best quality home appliances and buy them at affordable rates at plug n point.


Bluetooth Speakers:

A few years back if you would want to listen to your favorite song the choices were very few. The experience was not still as you have nowadays. This is all because of the Bluetooth speakers. This has become a luxury these days for some. There are many benefits of Bluetooth speakers you can move them with no worries, you would not have to trip over wires and the result is better.


Electric range:

The next thing on the list is electric cooking ranges. Yes never did think of it but these did not exist a few years back. These electric ranges are also called induction cooking ranges and nowadays they are very popular almost in every corner of the world. These cook food faster and do not use fire for it. So, it causes less heat in the kitchen. If you are looking for the best electric ranges then plug n point is the place look for.           


Mini-Split Air Conditioners:

About 15 to 20 years ago there was no sign of any sort of mini-split air conditioners. You either have to install huge air conditioners, central units or you had to live without AC. But today these mini split air conditioners you can now have it in your room and not have to worry about fixing and unfixing it later. There is also no need for ducting. These air conditioners are best for moving from one room to another. There are many other benefits and here you can have a look at top quality mini-split air conditioners.


Smart TVs:

It seems like yesterday when TVs still had knobs and antennae. The channels were not playing 24x7 and late at night, it was just static. Today TVs have changed totally and now we call them smart TVs. Now you can connect them to the internet and watch your favorite show anytime anywhere. The streaming service is also improved and changed. You can also listen to music, watch videos, and so much more on these latest TVs now. Have a look at these smart TV at plug n point.



Robot Vacuum:

Robot vacuum cleaners, really, what are you talking about. This is what you would have said a few years back if anyone would have told you about it. Back then you have to plug in the vacuum cleaners and then start cleaning. Here is the best vacuum cleaner for you to check them out and buy those you like.


Wireless Alarm Systems:

Home security has been there for years but the home alarm system is relatively new to the industry. These alarm security systems can get connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. Yes, these are the Wi-Fi enabled alarm systems, you might be thinking that we are making this up. With these, your home is protected even if you are away or on vacations. If you are done with home security you should also check out these home improvements here.


Smart Fridges:

Refrigerators are available to us for years but these are not just any refrigerators. There was no concept of smart refrigerators back in the days. Few years it was just an appliance to keep your food cold and free from getting rotten. Nowadays you can watch TV and listen to songs on the fridge. The benefit is that you can enjoy and get some information if you need while cooking. This and many other tasks like making a grocery list and taking notes for cooking can also be done here. Have a look at some of the best refrigerators that plug n point has to offer.


Mini Washing Machines:

Yes, the washing machines are also old but mini washing machines are not! The full sized washing machines are still popular but the mini washing machines are making their place in the market. Plug n point has a huge assortment of top quality washing machines and you can have a look at them.


Wi-Fi Bulbs:

Light bulbs were simple few years back and you just turn then on off. The simple and sole purpose of light bulbs back in the day was to provide light. Today we have these Wi-Fi enabled light bulbs. These bulbs are connected to light and you can turn them off or on with your phone. Not only this they also have the feature of changing the light color. They have become more of a luxury item rather than being the necessity.


Laser Projector:

Back in the days, you would only see projectors in movies cinemas, schools, colleges and other places like these. People did not have thought about bringing them to home or having one. They were just used to deliver presentations to bored elementary school kids. The result was not too good and some people might even say it was bad. These days you have the laser projectors which are capable of delivering crystal-clear pictures to your home screen or wall. Buy the latest and best projectors at plug n point.