10 steps to choose the best quality ceiling fan in UAE

16 Oct 2019

As we all know that UAE is a region where the climate is hot throughout the year, especially in summer. A ceiling fan is a must-have home appliance in a region like UAE. If you are looking for a new Ceiling fan or trying to change an old one, there is a great variety of ceiling fans in the Market. So whenever choosing a Ceiling fan for yourself keep in mind these 10 steps to choose the best ceiling fan for yourself.

1. Match the color with your house

Looks matter a lot, that’s why choosing a ceiling fan with matching color to your room or furniture can add an exotic look to your room. A matching color ceiling fan looks way better instead of one with odd color. So whenever you are trying to choose a ceiling fan in Dubai so for the one which matches the color of your room. There is no shortage of color and design in ceiling fans in the market you just have to search for it.

2. The place to install Ceiling fan

Before choosing a fan for your house always know first that where you are going to install it. Do you want a ceiling fan for a small room or a large room? All these little things matter a lot when you are trying to find ceiling fans best for your house. Many people also install a ceiling fan on the roof of their Patio. In that case, you will need a fan with more blades that can help to ventilate more air. If you want to install a ceiling fan in Kitchen then you need the one with high speed which can ventilate smoke out of the kitchen fast.

3. Vintage ceiling fans

If you like antiques and trying to give your house an exotic look than many companies are designing their ceiling fans in an old vintage look. You can even buy them online or go visit the store by yourself. These fans will add a vintage look to your house and will be a good match for your other décor.

4.     It should be cheap

The fan you are looking forward to buying should have a cheap price tag on it. there is no need to get a ceiling with high price range you will get a good Ceiling fan under 100 AED. What is the benefit of getting a highly priced ceiling fan when you get the same features in the low price.

 5. Air circulation should be fast

As with the passage of time the technology of ceiling fans is also being improved over the year. Companies are introducing new models of ceiling fans with a new feature every day. But if we stick to our basic needs than Fast air circulation should be our priority. In UAE where the temperature is always above 45 degrees, we need a fan with fast air circulation which will help to cool down the room temperature in less time. You will need a Ceiling fan with the best air circulation technology.

6. Choose the one with reversible airflow technology

This is another type of Ceiling fans who have the reversible airflow option embedded in them. These kinds of Ceiling fans are not cheap, but they provide benefits in both season’s summer and winter. In hot days of summer, you will keep it in the normal mode, which means that it will work like a simple ceiling fan. On the other hand, you will choose the Reversible-airflow option which will throw an air of your room toward the ceiling and helps your room become warm and cozy.

7. Should be certified by Energy star

As these Ceiling fans run on electricity, there are many companies which Ceiling fans are certified by Energy Star. This means that these Ceiling fans consume very little energy but provide you with all the benefits that you require from a normal ceiling fan. Of course these are not cheap ceiling fans but usually, ceiling fans are a one-time investment so why not do it right. So whenever choosing a ceiling fan for yourself in UAE go for the one which has an Energy Star logo on it. 

8.     How air adjustment option works

Not everyone likes their room hot, for that purpose before buying a Ceiling fan always check that does it comes with temperature adjustment option. If you don’t like too hot room then you can adjust its temperature to your preference and each time you get the desires cool room. Many cheap ceiling fans in Dubai don’t offer this kind of air flow adjustment option, so instead of saving some bucks go for that smart ceiling fan offered by companies.

9.     Number of blades in a fan

Several blades in a fan do matter; you have to make up your mind when getting a ceiling fan for yourself that how many blades you want in your ceiling fan. The standard number of blade fans that are being used in the UAE is 4 to 5. These fans have the perfect balance between air circulation and less noise making.

10. Pitch of your fan blade

The pitch and the angle of the blade makes a big difference in the air circulation produced by a ceiling fan. You should keep in mind that the ideal pitch of a ceiling fan blade should be 12 to 15 degrees to give you ideal airflow. This is a great tip for those who want their ceiling fans to cool their room temperature in less time.