Most Amazing and Affordable Places in UAE Can Visit on Eid

17 Aug 2018

Eid Al Adha is the second Eid of Muslims and the most important religious festival in the Islamic calendar. This Eid Al Adha is just around the corner and all the Muslims around the globe have started to prepare for it. Before the Eid visits Plugnpoint to buy latest home appliances in UAE with deals and discounts. It is the festival to memorialize the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim to follow the commands and orders of Allah. However, if you have not planed anything there is still time to do so. Here is your to-do list for, how to spend your Eid holidays. Whether you are getting a long weekend or not there are plenty of things and enough time to enjoy yourself over these Eid holidays.


Bertin Breakfast

What is a better way to kick-start the day than a refreshing and complete breakfast? This Eid starts your day with mouth-watering breakfast at Bertin Bistro on Sheikh Zayed Road. The breakfast will be available from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm but the joy of breakfast is when you eat it early in the morning. Do not forget to try the shakshuka, chia bowls, and eggs benedicts.


The history of the UAE

The best time to, get to know UAE is not gone yet. If you are a good sport when it comes to outdoor visits then you must go to the massive highest peak at Jebel Hafeet. The height is known to be 1,240 meters, isn't it amazing. It is the highest peak of Emirates and the second highest in the UAE. The mountain is in the city of Al Ain and stands as a guard between Al Ain and the Oman border. Over millions of years, limestone weathered over and formed this mountain. There have been some discoveries there, which tell a lot about the history of the UAE. Tombs that are about 5,000 years old have also been found in the foothills.


Hili Fun City

It has just started. For the complete family entertainment a must, visit place in Dubai is Hili fun city. For many people, it has been their favorite place ever since it's first opening in 1985. It is said to be the first theme park of the Gulf region. There is so much to visit there. The park offers attractions for people of every age. Picnic area and family show are perfect for the family entertainment. It opens from 4 pm to 10 pm every day.


Al Ain Zoo

This year visit the Al Ain zoo and enjoy with your family with the action the zoo is offering. There are more than 4,000 animals, 180 of which are endangered species. This place is an interactive learning place for the children and for nature enthusiasts. There is a petting zoo designed as a farm for the visitors to come and interact with the farm animals. It is the place for you to monkey around and learn while playing.

There is much more to do like petting, camel riding, feeding giraffe, etc. If this was not just enough there is also a garden for children and outdoor learning. It is intended to make children learn outdoor tips and tricks and encourage their love of biodiversity. You can go there daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.


Emirate Park Zoo

Your craving for the zoo is not over yet and we got another zoo for you to visit, the Emirates park zoo. Over 1,700 animals, the Siberian bear which is over 300kg, lions, cheetahs, the magnificent white tigers, and zebras. There is much more to see than this, so you have to visit yourself and get amazed.


Wadi Adventure

Not a zoo person? There is no need to worry. You can go on an adventure journey this Eid and fulfill your dreams of water rafting, surfing, kayaking and more. Well, you can enjoy the view from Jebel Hafeet and then come to Wadi adventure facility. It is the first human-made park with the largest artificial man-made surf wave and world biggest 1.7 km kayaking channel. Go and enjoy your Eid holidays from 11:00 am to 7:00om daily.


Sir Bani Yas Island

Are you one of those who does not want to go either to the zoo or an adventure place? Upon the list is Sir Bani Yas Island. It is the best way to explore the Arabian life. Be careful, there are more than 10,000 animals there that roam freely and take up more than half of the island. There is nothing to worry about because precautionary measures have been taken already. You can get close, eye-to-eye with the animal. Viewing the world from giraffe's point of view with the purpose-built platform.


Yas Water-world

This Eid makes your world 5D with Yas Waterworld's 5D water adventure and Cinesplash. It is the first 5D water adventure. With more than 40: rides, attractions, slides you will not get bored. If this does not make up your mind there is all day long play, local bands and drummers performance and Ayalah dancers too. Experience the culture of Emirates. The retune of Neon lights show will amaze you when the lights will brighten up your night with lustrous entertainment.


Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi

The entertainment is not over yet, the bigger picture is yet to be revealed. The fun just started. Whether you have or not visited Warner Bros. in Abu Dhabi you have to visit it again this Eid because you just cannot have enough. Get to know and join the superheroes from DC Universe. "I'm Batman". Not just Superman, Batman but also get to see characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy, and our all-time favorite Scooby-Doo and how can we forget Shaggy. Warner Bros. world is the complete fun package for your whole family. Not just characters and heroes, you can enjoy many rides and live entertainment. Everyone can enjoy their day here.


Ferrari World

If you are a cooling fan or you are a foodie (which almost everyone is), Ferrari is hosting a live cook-off event between chefs of Yas Island. The chefs will go head to head in the chef competition, which is called Black Box competition. This event will be taking place on 23rd Aug at 2:00 pm.



Say good-bye to the day while enjoying eye-catching fireworks of Yas Marina. These fireworks will be live every night of three Eid days at 9:00 pm. If you want to get the best experience of these fireworks then you have to be either within Yas Marina Boulevard or on board a traditional dhow (the sailing boat) with firework cruise.


Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

If you like good music and are a fan of "The Voice Kids" then you must go visit Marina Mall. The child stars from The Voice Kids 2018, will be performing there. Moroccan talent and winner of season 2 will take you to another place. Loujay Al Masrahi, from Nancy Ajram's team, will be performing beside Egyptian performers.


Flip Out

Have you ever experienced trampoline experience? Even if you have, you have never experienced something like Flip Out. This place will have you jumping and enjoying going from one corner to the other. With 200 interconnected trampolines, you can jump and hop as much as you want. Once tired of jumping you can go for parkour, bubble soccer, and 3D wall running too.


City Walk Dubai

Children, young ones, old, teenagers, mom dad, and everyone will definitely get pleasure from the time they spend in City Walk Dubai. This Eid there are many things like life-sized board games, humungous teddy bears, big, really big toys and instant photo opportunities. There is also a crafts workshop for the ones who are interested at arts station from 2-7pm.


Roberto’s and QE2

What is a better way to enjoy your day than a feast? So, Roberto's got all the enjoyable and fulfilling Eid special feasts. You can also dine in. Eid special menus for the weekend, special brunch for Friday and Saturday are waiting for you.

Another way to enjoy food and view is to board the QE2, which will take you to a food journey. There is complete leisure for the whole family at The Lido on Quarter Deck. Enjoy the meal with live band performance. The brunch will introduce you to the British roots and you can enjoy fish and chips, hot dogs and more. We seriously recommend the QE2.

Do not forget to wish Eid Mubarak to everyone.