5 Questions Must Ask before Buying an Oven in Dubai

27 Mar 2019

Are you in the market to buy a new oven in Dubai? Then you must ask these questions. Whether you are out to buy an oven or some other appliance these are the questions you should always ask. It will help you find out whether the appliance is for you, according to your needs, or are you just intrigued by it. You can start by asking these questions and find the oven for you.


Question to ask yourself

Freestanding or built-in?

It would not look cool if you would have an empty wall oven space. The first question that you should ask before anything is whether you want a freestanding oven or a wall oven. There is a difference between these. No style is better but it is on you which one you like.


A gas oven or electric oven?

Today most of the market is filled with electric ovens. But you can find gas ovens easily too. It is hard to say that one is better than others. You can check out both the oven types and then choose the one that fits your needs. If you want to have a look here is a list of all the ovens at plug n point. Gas stoves are preferred for beginners.

  • Knob or digital control?

      If it is getting hard to decide you can always go for the gas stove and electric oven.

      Which style do you prefer digital control or the knob system? If you like knobs then it is likely that you would have to go with the gas ovens rather than electric. Electric ovens come with digital control.


Can you live without it?

Not specifically the oven but are there any features that you do not want or will use. If yes then look for an oven without it, it will be cheap. Ask yourself do you want glass shelves over wire ones? What is that it must have? Narrow the list then start searching.


What is your budget?

Budget is one of the most important things. Most of the people set their budget thus they have a tough time deciding. If you do not set a budget you can easily get carried away. Set a budget, a minimum price, and a maximum price. How much you are willing to spend on an oven of a specific type.

The next thing is that either the oven in your budget is up to your expectations or not. If it is in a budget but not worth buying then you are wasting your money and time.


Is there enough space?

Just to be absolutely sure you can measure the space where you are going to place the oven. If you know the dimensions you can ask them for the dimensions of appliances. Appliances seem to appear smaller on the showroom floor don’t know what science it is but they just do. Do not forget the doors. Consider them too and see if it would open when you will place them at home.

Does the oven have enough space that it would fit big cookware? If there is not you can go for the bigger oven or buy small cookware. If you are not wanting to change the cookware then it is better to go for other ovens. Check out some gas ovens too.



Question to ask the seller

What features it has:

This comes down to your personal preference. For some people, a feature might be important while for others it cannot be. Check out the oven for your favorite or needed features. The oven these days have many advanced and, sorry to say but, useless features. For instance, if you want a touch screen it is better to know if there is any and what are the specifications it has.


Cooking capacity

Most people buy the appliance depending on how they will use it. Ask the seller what the capacity is and, how much food it can cook in one go. Or for how many people the food can be cooked in one. If you have more people at home then check for the oven with more cooking capacity.


Cooking time:

Check the oven cooking time. You can do this by reading reviews online and if there is a customer representative at the store ask them. Be sure that you are comfortable with the time it takes. It is better to leave the oven rather than being annoyed by it every time.


The extra features?

Unless and until you do not care and want to explore the oven or any other appliance for yourself. You should ask for the extra features. Like adjustable racks, controls, temperature probe, interior light. If the gestures are good and you also like some or all of them, which is very unlikely, the price is justified. But, on the other hand, if you do not like them it is time to move on to the next one.


Warranty and guarantee:

This is last but not least! You should ask and look for some warranty and/or guarantee if the company is providing any. It is always best to have the appliance with this. If nothing much you would have a peace of mind that if there would be any problem you are secured. Have a look at these electric ovens at plug n point.