6 awesome kitchen cabinets trends following in Dubai

26 Sep 2019

Everybody wants to make their kitchen look beautiful and expensive but they don’t have enough sources to do so. But if you guys just pay a little attention toward your house kitchen than you will notice that you can make it look better and expensive just some minor adjustments.

First of all, when you are going to remodel your kitchen make an image in your mind that what kind of touch you want to give it to your kitchen and draw a sketch of it in your mind. This will help you to decide what you want to do with your kitchen and also help you to decide the budget according to it. If you are a resident of Dubai, then you can order the best Sash windows in the remodelling of your kitchen by yourself. 

Purpose of Kitchen cabinets in a house

In the first step, you are going to change the hardware of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets can change its entire look by just putting some new furniture in it. What you can do is you can replace your Kitchen cabinets with the glass ones and give your kitchen decoration a unique touch. Your kitchen hardware plays the most important role because it adds the colour contrast to your kitchen but also help you keep your stuff in there. All the cabinets should be single colour so you less are more. Trying a different colour can make your kitchen look less elegant.

How Kitchen cabinets can help you make your kitchen beautiful

The thing you want to do is change your shelf liners or Cabinet liner. These non-sticky liners will help you to put out all the garbage and clean your shelf to start up as new. Those people who are building new houses pay extra to get a beautifully furnished kitchen because they know the importance of a good kitchen in the house. Keeping your kitchen in a nice condition and fully equipped with kitchen appliances should be the No.1 priority of all family members. So this article is for you in this article I am going to tell you some low budget trends to make your kitchen look nicer and elegant.

Kitchen cabinets trends

Here are the top 6 kitchen cabinets trends that are becoming famous in Dubai.

1. Woodwork Cabinets

Woodworking is an interesting thing which can be a hobby for anybody to adapt. If you got time for this hobby, then all you need are some basic tools to start this work. Everybody nowadays is using power tools which look amazing and fast and looks appealing to use but as a beginner, it’s not a good idea to use power tool because you can get hurt. Woodwork cabinets are being used in Kitchen cabinets for ages. They are very decent to look at and also very easy to clean as well. There are multiple design choice when it comes to Woodwork kitchen cabinets and you can design it according to your preference. 



2. Single paint color cabinets

Now, this is another type of kitchen cabinets that are very popular in Dubai now a day. Different or multi-colour cabinets don’t attract people but a single colour combination looks elegant. Paint also has its own unique smell so what you have to do is choose those fragrant paint which smells nice and tell your Cabinet painters to use those paints on cabinets. These paints that we paint our cabinets should have an earthy smell like an old oak. Everybody likes the smell of nature and it helps in providing that exact smell to the cabinet of your kitchen.

3. Cabinet glass refinishing

You can use cabinet refinishing with a glass window in it which gives it a classy look and eventually make your kitchen look bigger. Wood drawers make a contrast with the white shelf and give it a glossy and classy look. Also, give proper attention to your kitchen cabinet paint and if you take advice from Kitchen cabinet painters they will always suggest you use white glossy colour for your cabinet with a glass window in them which make your kitchen look bigger than usual. This technique will make a cheap kitchen appliance look more elegant due to glossy shades. 

4. Built semi Cabinets

It is very difficult to keep it simple when it comes to building a kitchen cabinet. You have to keep in mind that all the cabinets should be the same size and they should be around your budget. To save some extra money you can build them by yourself. All you need to do is select a good design for your cabinets and start building them one by one. 

5. Wood painted steel cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets with a wood shade paint looks so beautiful. You can even get the combination of two colours like off brown and black. This gives the kitchen an earthy look which makes it the centrepiece of your house. These colours are also cheaper than the other bright ones. So select Woody for your kitchen it will help in your budget arrangements.

6. Two-tone kitchen cabinets

Now, this is one of the best ideas to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter, there are many two colour combinations that can make your kitchen cabinets way more attractive than simple cabinets like charcoal and grey, black and white, steel and white, etc. You can choose the colour combination of your choice and get kitchen appliances according to that combination.