Best Online Shopping Portal for Home Appliances in Sharjah

Best Online Shopping Portal for Home Appliances in Sharjah

23 Jun 2020

Sharjah is another advanced part that has one of the leading home appliance markets in the world. This region has many different important prospects and one of them is the huge market of electric home products. Just like any other country, the Sharjah people also have a taste for the new electric products that are being produced in the world.

Sharjah is one of the biggest electric product markets and you can buy almost every kind of electrical product from a cell phone to an AC. As this is also one of the hot regions of the world cooling electric products, have a fast-growing market here. So, when you talk about the best electric product to sell in Sharjah you cannot ignore cooling appliances and other cooling electric products.

Online shopping in the SHARJAH

The trend of online shopping in Sharjah is increasing day by day. Most of the people love to but their Home Appliances in Sharjah Online instead of visiting the showroom physically. Looking at that opportunity there are hundreds of online stores that are dealing with home appliances in Sharjah.

There are hundreds of online shopping sites available where you can buy home appliances in Sharjah. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best among them which you should prefer when buying home appliances in Sharjah.

List of best online home appliance Shopping Sites in UAE


If you are looking for a cheap electronic website than this should be your choice. This online store which does both selling and buying of electronic home appliances in Sharjah.  If you are looking for a one-stop-shop too but electronic home appliances than you cannot miss SOUQ. If we interoperate it correctly SOUQ is the UAE version of Amazon.

This Online store is not just limited to home appliances but you can easily find clothing, jewelry, mobiles, electronic gadgets, and much more stuff. This website has different categories for all of these products and you can choose the one of your preference.

There is no shipping cost if you buy something from SOUQ in Sharjah and also in the whole UAE. They also have one of the best return policies in the whole UAE. If you didn’t like the home appliance that you ordered online from this site then you can easily return it with no extra charges.

  • Plugnpoint

When we need to buy home appliances in Sharjah there is no better place to look online than plugnpoint. This is the only online store in the whole Sharjah which is dedicated to home appliances. This means that you guys will get to see more variety and better quality Electric Home Appliances on this site than any other online store in Sharjah. When it comes to choosing the best online store to buy home appliances in Sharjah then there will be no online store that can compete with the services of plugnpoint. They provide one of the best quality of home appliances with fast home delivery.

Here, Listed below are all those home appliances that required in every house. Plugnpoint is dealing with all of these home appliances.

selling electrical products

  • Air Conditioner

All those people who are living in UAE are familiar with Air conditioners. It is one of the most selling electrical products in the UAE. Right now, AC has become a permanent part of this State lifestyle.

  • Fans

The other honorable mention in this category of electric product is Fans. Fans in UAE are not as effective as AC to fight against the hot weather but still, they do the trick. Those People who are not able to pay the high bills of AC but still want to cool off the temperature of our house roof fans are one of the best options for them.

  • Refrigerators

Refrigerators are the need of today in every home. Not just in UAE but everywhere in the world. You will rarely see a house in which you don't see a refrigerator. Most of our life revolves around Food and Refrigerator is one of the best ways to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. 

  • Air Coolers

At the point when it gets hot outside in UAE, there are various methods for keeping cool inside. Regardless of whether you have AC, No matter it can cool off the room faster but still it puts away more load on your electric bill that’s why Air cooler is best for you.

  • TV

This is one of the most bought home appliances through plugnpoint in Sharjah. You will get to see the major products of all the big brands her like Samsung, SONY, TCL and much more companies.

Other than these appliances you will get to see almost every home appliance of your need at Plugnpoint. If you are looking to get a deal on different home appliances in Sharjah keeps checking Plugnpoint. They often put multiple products on sale as well.


This is another big name of online shopping sites in Sharjah. Mostly this online store deals in electronic gadgets including laptops, mobiles, cameras, batteries, and speakers. Now, they have another category by the name of home appliances. This means that this online site is not totally dedicated to home appliances like plugnpoint but you can buy the popular one her.

home appliances in Sharjah

The often deals with big brands like ASUS, MSI, HP, and Razer. Any latest gadgets that come in the market you can buy at This is one of the best features of this store that provides you the latest gadgets and Home Appliances in Sharjah.


Last but not least, is also a one-stop website to buy electronic gadgets and appliances in Sharjah. This store is filled with all the home appliances that you usually require in your house. One of the coolest features of this online store is that many home appliances need experts to install them in your houses. makes them available at your doorsteps as well along with the home appliances to set them up.


So, these are some of the most renowned and best online stores to buy home appliances in Sharjah. Among all, if you get an expert opinion to buy home appliances in Sharjah the answer will be plugnpoint. The main reason behind this is that you get an online store that is dedicated to just one category of electronic appliances. This will give you more variety of products to choose from at different rates.

Another feature that differentiates plugnpoint from other online stores is that they usually put sales and Discounts on their Home Appliances. There are different occasions in the whole year when they put a discount on their products like EID, New Year, and summer sale. So, this will provide you a great opportunity to get better quality home appliances in Sharjah at a discounted price.

They also deliver your purchased home appliances at your doorsteps. This means that you don’t have to carry it to your house. So, these are some of the features that set plugnpoint apart for these other home appliances online stores.

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