List of best Electric shavers in UAE

21 Oct 2019

It is not easy to find a good electric shaver in the market but believe me it is not that difficult as well. In a country like Dubai where life is so fast that you cannot spend more time just to shave your facial hairs you need a good electric shaver in Dubai.

You will need to consider some of the most important aspects when it comes to buying a good electric shaver for yourself. When getting a good Electric shaver in Sharjah keep in mind its price range because a good shaver will never costs you more than 100 AED. 

List of Top Electric Shaver in UAE

Getting a good shaver according to your needs and grooming preference can impact highly on your personality. You always have to go for that Electric Shaver that will give you the most wonderful and comfortable shaving experience. Getting an electric shaver is a personal decision and you should make it according to your preference. 

1. Braun Series 7 790CC model

This model of electric Shaver by Braun series is one of the most famous Electric shavers in UAE. This is the most sold model of an electric shaver by Braun and since 2010 it has been rocking the market. According to Braun, it is one of the best shavers in the market till now. Many features make this electric shaver so popular. 

First of all, this shaver gives you a very close and smooth shave, with the help of its three trimmers. Two trimmers of this electric shaver called OptiFoil to give you a fine shave and the third one in the middle gives it the last time finishing called Active Lift. You can get out your facial hairs and ingrown hairs with the help of these. It works with a pulmonic electric shaver that provides over 10,000 vibrations per minute.


It is very cheap so it is budget-friendly

Comes with a very flexible head for a comfortable shave

You can personalize its working according to your preference

Good solid body

It comes with a high power charging dock.


You cannot use it on wet skin. 


2. Braun Series 9 9095cc

This is another type of Electric shaver who has the reversible blade flow option embedded in them. These kinds of Electric shaver are not cheap, but they provide benefits in both season’s summer and winter. In hot days of summer, you will keep it in the normal mode, which means that it will work like a simple Electric shaver with water. On the other hand, you will choose the Reversible flow option which will throw the reverse blade on your face without water for a smoother shave. 

This shaver has a shiny chrome plastic body, with three main trimmers and one extra trimmer. This trimmer helps to align all the hairs which are grown irregularly and then cut those to make the even trim on your facial hairs. This is a very powerful trimmer. 


One extra trimmer to align your facial hairs 

You will have the best close shave experience

Almost 40,000 vibrations per minute

Can use on both wet and dry skin. 


The plastic body is not that reliable

A bit too expensive compared to other shavers.


Panasonic ES-LV95 

You cannot make a better choice than Panasonic ES-LC95 when it comes to electric shavers. It is one of the best companies that are providing the best electronic home appliances in Dubai for years. Just like those Electric shavers of Panasonic is also best in the market. People consider this shaver on a bit expensive price range but due to its hardy material body, this shaver is very reliable and long-lasting. 


It is very fast and easy to use

It is long-lasting

Made with good quality material

It has its cleaning station.


It can be a little difficult to use on sensitive skin

It has a little bit loud sound


       4.Philip Norelco 3D SensoTouch

This is a device that is designed by Philip just for the use of grooming. It has a stack and snaps feature in it which you will not find anywhere in the market besides this company. This means it has removable parts that are easy to adjust. It works on the high power 45,000 vibrations per minute motor and has multifunction blade features. So it’s the best Electric shaver for those who want to shave at home.

It has three round shape trimmer which is mostly used to pluck out ingrown hairs and it is very productive for the bald guys. 


It has three separate foils

Its round heads can move in three directions

You will get a very comfortable shave.

Can be used on both wet and dry skin


Not so good build quality

Replacement parts are very expensive

No replaceable battery

Expensive charging dock.