Things you should not put in your dishwashers at any cost

11 Oct 2019

Food is a very diverse market and there are multiple businesses which are related to just-food. There is a different kind of kitchen appliance that you get in the market. These appliances help you cook food fast and with more flavours and even wash it. Life of Sharjah is very fast and you cannot spend hours to prepare a meal for yourself daily but the real challenge is to wash dishes after eating food. The good quality Dishwasher is your best friend in the kitchen for that matter.

Speed of a Dishwasher is one of the praised factors about this appliance. This will help you speed up your dishwashing routine. There are many cheap dishwashers in UAE which do the task of boiling water and cleaning but don’t have efficient speed. So always try to get that dishwasher which has tremendous speed in boiling water.  

There are multiple brands for the Dishwasher in Dubai, all these brands tend to heat your water in just 3 to four minutes but there are some good dishwashers which can dry the dishes just in 90 seconds. If you are willing to buy a Dishwasher, then are a few factors that you have to keep in mind while buying one for yourself that is its speed and efficiency. But for now, we have to talk about some of those things that you should not put in your dishwasher.

Things not to put in your Dishwasher

Here is the list of all those things that you cannot put in your dishwasher at any cost.

Ø Cast Iron Skillet

When cooking something in a skillet you have to season it before cooking, by putting your skillet in a dishwasher you are undoing all the hard work that you have gone through in the first place. You again have to season it before cooking anything in it. So the better choice will be if you clean it with soap by hand or with salt. 

Ø Don’t put anything made of wood in it

Wooden utensils are vet delicate and the hot and warm water in your water can be a little bit harsh for this kind of mixing wooden spatulas. The heating procedure in a dishwasher may result in misshaping of these utensils. So it is a wise choice not to put anything made out of wood in your dishwasher.

Ø Cheese Grater 

The mushy goodness you just sprinkled over your tacos may, in any case, be stuck in the gaps even after a cycle in the dishwasher. Rather, use a cleanser and a wipe to wash it by hand and guarantee the present cheddar doesn't blend with tomorrow's mozzarella. 

Ø Chef Knives 

Since the hard plastic in your dishwasher shouldn't be scratched, you should keep your blades far away from it, Forte says. Be that as it may, if your dishwasher has a rack for blades, you're the exemption to the standard. Fortunate duck! 

Ø Copper Pots

In the event that you appreciate a scrumptious Moscow Mule in a copper mug as much as we do, you know half of the intrigue is your cup's lovely shading. Be that as it may, as indicated by Franke, the brutality of the dishwasher can cause any copper surfaces to dull. Hand washes your copper mugs, pots, and dish.

Ø Don’t throw the cutting board in there

Just like a wooden spoon and spatula you also don’t want to throw a cutting board made out of wood in your dishwasher. No doubt it is a little tougher than other wooden utensils in your kitchen but still, it is going to be affected by the heat. 

Ø Old vintage plates

If you have any family dishes which are in the family for a long time, then maybe it’s not a better idea to put them in a dishwasher. Old dishes are a little bit rusty and can break while in a wash of a dishwasher. If they have any kind of vintage printing on them then there is a chance that it will also wash in a dishwasher. 

Ø Everything that touched garlic

All those dishes in which you grind garlic should not be put directly in your dishwasher. Garlic has a pasty texture and it can stick to the services of the dishwasher. So it is better to wash these kinds of dishes by hand so your dishwasher doesn’t stink. 

Ø Plastic mugs

You cannot put any plastic mug in your dishwasher. The heated water will melt it inside during the process of cleaning. This is very unhygienic and dangerous for you. So always wash this kind of plastic mugs and other things by hands instead of throwing them in your dishwasher. 

Ø Anything with a label

Some time we reuse some of the things in our house as dishes which should be thrown after their use like milk bottles, so if you want to reuse them and wash them with a dishwasher peel off the label from them. This is very saved for you. 


So here is a list of all those possible things that you guys should not throw in your dishwasher. This will not only be saved for your dishwasher but also for your health as well. Those people who put all these things in their dishwasher always end up buying a new dishwasher after a couple of months of the last one.