What are the major differences in Touchscreen and LCD screen

10 Oct 2019

We live in a world where every technical product is being modified on a daily basis, same goes with the screens. Screens are the physical surface on which we can see the visual representation and information. This will be a simple definition of a screen. This product is being used in almost every single digital product to give us a visual representation of its status. 

Dubai is one of those countries where electronic product market is booming each day which means that screens are also in big demand in this region of the world. There are multiple types of Screens available in the market now a day but in this article, we are going to discuss the two most used types of screens and their differences.


Touch Screen


LCD is a short form of Liquid Crystal Display. Usually, this word is referred to all those flat screens in which the image is formed by the help of backlight and individual pixels. Each Pixel has three types of light-emitting capacity in it and through that, it forms an image on a rectangular grid. There are many stores which sell Cheap LCD in Dubai, and if you are looking for a great deal on this product you can also search online for good quality Television in Dubai. These screens instead of TV are also now being used in other digital devices like laptops, Mobile phones, and tablets.

Touch Screen 

It is a device which enables you to interact with your device through a finger. You can use your touch to navigate your device and perform the task on it. There are multiple devices in which touch screen are being used like smartphones, laptops, and even TV now a day. You can get touch screen in Dubai markets. This technology lets you work with an infrared beam which will sense the presence of your touch and then navigate according to it.

Usage of LCD and touch screen

Touch screen

Touch screen use your gesture and touch to give input to your digital device, it helps the user to interact with what’s is being displayed on the screen.

It is very user-friendly and easy to use screen type. 

They are very much beneficial for small screen devices like tablets, smartphones, and Laptops.


LCD screens are mostly used in big-screen like TV and home theaters

They can be used to get more clarity videos on your screen.

This LCD technology is easier on the eyes than other technologies.

Major differences between LCD and Touch screen

1. Interaction with device

Both of these technologies have a different experience with the interaction of your devices. You can interact physically with your touch screens but to use an LCD screen you will use an infrared remote to perform Function on LCD. 

2. Durability

According to personal experience, the LCD screens are more durable than touch screens. Touch screens have a different kind of sensors in it which can be damaged easily but in LCD you don’t have to worry about all these things. 

3. Eye protection

All kinds of screen put an effect on your eyesight, for most touch screens you have to sit really close to your device to operate them so they put a strain on your eyesight, on the other hand in LCD you can sit away from it and easily protect your eyes from it. 

Which one is the best choice in the UAE

If we have to select any single one from both then it can be very difficult. It all depends on your preference. If you are on the road and using your phone than Touch screen is better because you can interact with your device physically, but if you want to a TV for your home than LCD screen can be a great choice of Cheap TV in UAESo the preference of the screen all depends on its usage.