A chance for UAE's Olympic team

29 Aug 2018

The love of football has always been in our hearts. Whether you call it, soccer of football, either way, the love and enthusiasm is never going to end. If we, the football fans cannot take the football fever off then how is it possible for the team to do so. So is the case with United Arab Emirates football team. These are the days for Asian games. For all the football fans out there, 2018 Asian games football events are being held from 14th of August to 1st September in Indonesia. The hosting city is Palembang and the matches will be played in other cities too. The world's largest football stadium in Jakarta won't be hosting the football events though. Instead, you will see the stadium full when it hosts the ceremonies and athletics.


The team of UAE, under 23, is fully prepared and motivated to take on Japan this Asian games. The semifinal of the football Asian games competition this year is between Japan and the United Arab Emirates. The kick off is expected to be happening at 12:30 universal time and 04:30 pm UAE time. All the teams from the top twenty nations are participating in this year's Asian games. This makes the total of 25 men's and 11 women's teams are part of Asian games, football part. Japan has beaten Malaysia and Saudi Arabia this year with the lead of one goal. The stats are 1-0 and 2-1 respectively.


The under 23 team once again has the opportunity of squaring against their forgotten rival. This opportunity is one of those, which UAE can avail to get some revenge of from Japan in the semifinals of 2018 Asian games today. This is the chance to show the world and prove to them that they can perform and it is not mere luck every time they win. The revenge is for when UAE and Japan were competing for the gold eight years ago, the forerunner football team of UAE, the golden generation, Mahdi Ali's era when UAE lost to Japan. The thing that makes this loss so big and hurtful for UAE is that they were JUST falling short for the gold. UAE missed the gold when they were on the edge of winning it.


UAE went down for solitary gold and landed on silver instead. These young and new generation players of UAE are trying hard, have practiced so much to trade off that silver for the gold that Japan took to form them years ago. To fulfill this dream, UAE has to see off Japan today in the semifinals. If they qualify for the finals, they would be against either Vietnam of South Korea for the main title and win, in final of 2018 Asian games on Sunday. The current mission is to beat Japan and qualify for the final match and the vision, for now, is to win the title for Asian games 2018. Maciej Skorza, the in charge of United Arab Emirates under 23, the football team is the polish football manager. He adds that we are not afraid of anyone who is in our way for the next match in this year's Asian games. Moreover, he said that our ambition is the same: qualify for final then go on and hopefully win the competition, on Tuesday.


Coach greatly praised the team's performance throughout the competition until now and advised them to keep up the level against Japan in next match. This match against Japan is not very easy to defeat, because they are one of the top teams and very talented. We would have to keep our heads in, focus more, and try to win especially when the speed they play adds an additional dimension to their game. My team has also enhanced its game and portrayed a strong personality. We do not fear anyone and have what it takes to outrun others, added coach Skorza. In the beginning, UAE was one of the slow teams. Losing to Syria, before going against Timor Leste, dropped the hopes a little low. Ultimately, they made it alive out of the group tiebreakers to the knock out round as one of the four best third-placed teams.


After that, the UAE defeated the rest of its opposing teams in every match. After going head to toe with Indonesia and North Korea, UAE won over penalties to make it out of there. Then it had the win by 4-3 against other teams in the 16th round after having locked down to 2-2. 5-3 was the win with North Korea and it was also with the penalty shoot out. Mohamed Al Shamsi was the goalkeeper and acted as a hero to save it's country's name. He was recruited only two seasons before into the al Wahada, the first team, he gave a radiant save by plunging to his left and saving the goal.