The Construction of Urban Village in Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi

12 Apr 2019

Urban village in the city

UAE is known for its tall building and huge malls but the recent development plan Abu Dhabi is to design an urban village. The land where this urban village is going to be is Jubail Island in Abu Dhabi. This island is between Saadiyat and Yas Island. With the next four years, this barren land would become home to about 6,000 residents. There would be six urban villages there and the estimated cost is about Dh5 billion, according to the sources.

The initiatives have already been taken to make this urban village a village. No villa would be any higher than 15 meters, there would be cycle paths, landscaped walkways and more. You can imagine this as a complete opposite of a city. The environment, creativity, discovery, and activities that would be available here would make you feel like it’s not urban development. Even if you are in an urban village you would need a TV in your home, wouldn’t you? Here is the best collection of LED TVs at plug n point.


Get a home there!

The area for one plot is from 1,500 to 5,000 square meters. If everything went according to the plan there would be 800 homes, 2 schools, a sport centers, beach club, 6 mosques, hotel, office spaces, apartments, and a Town Centre. As you know that it is not going to be an urban development so there won’t be a shopping mall. Yet they have plans for a market like Long Street. Do you know what is a good thing? Even immigrants could get property there. The work has already been started and construction is about to begin. There would be lots of lands still left even after the project is completed. This complete village would only consume 10 percent of Jubail Island’s land. If you are wondering and wanting to get a home there to note that you can get a plot for your home there as early as 2021. You can then built a home there following the rules.


Environment and lifestyle

This island is reserved as a nature center with a neighboring island. UAE feels like it is their duty to respect and preserve the nature and natural resources there. This is why it is a low-density project. This way you could save greenery and plots are on the open spaces. There would also be joint family villas as this is sort of a cultural thing there.

The management is having requests like adding more villas as the family grows, or like a family living right next to each other and they are showing flexibility in such cases. The managing director of this project, Mounir Haidar, while addressing the public at a press conference stated that this project will be one of its kind providing you a unique style and way of living.


How it is going to be?

We already have a premonition that this urban village is going to be a place where everybody wants to live so the prices are going to rise a bit. For a low density and calm place, you will get suitably sized plot for the appropriate price though. Things like mangroves, waterfronts, neighborhood parks, and beaches would be common here. One of the major attractions is remains of some early civilization. They have discovered them and will be on display for the public to see and get amazed. If you are to buy a home then you would also need home appliances! So, plug n point is the place to get the best home appliances at the best rates.