Advantage s and Strengths of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in UAE

12 Dec 2018

Among all the countries in the Arab region, UAE is the one that is the leader in adopting artificial intelligence better known as AI. UAE is developing and working in artificial solutions and it is expected to have a growth rate of 33.5 percent after a year, according to a new report.


DTEC's report on Adoption of AI:

Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Campus, ArabNet, and started all collaborated and stated that the UAE is followed by Saudi Arabia with an expected 31.3 percent annual growth rate in the adoption of AI. While the remaining region of GCC is at 28.8 percent. On the other hand, Egypt is at 25.5 percent in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. This was reported by the Dubai International Entrepreneurship Campus.

Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus aka DTEC is the largest technology hub in the Middle East. DSOA and mandates have the complete hold of it. Mandatare is the bank to extend greater convenience, financial advice, and best-in-class services to technology entrepreneurs and emerging companies. These companies see and use DTEC. As a basis or place where they can launch their projects, ideas, and innovations that they have in mind. These notebooks and laptops are a miracle of technology, if not artificial intelligence.

Ramesh Jagannathan who is an MD of the company startAD, told the news saying that: these days artificial intelligence is playing a great and important role in the improvement of the production capacity of different countries. This by this the global GDP is boosted. If you want to get the maximum and all of the advantages that it has to offer you have to adapt to and adopt the policies that it has across all diverse divisions.


Take advantage of AI and what you can do with it

On the other hand, in meanwhile UAE is still the top ranking in many of the regions and across the global indicators. This is including the competitiveness, innovation, and the level of easiness with which you can do business. AI has paved its way through and reached for the smart government components. These companies and conglomerates in UAE are working and preparing to control and take advantage of the strengths of AI so that they could be built some strong value for their future, added the MD.

The predictions and estimates of PwC, in 2017 say that AI is contributing to the global community and its involvement in the economy will be increased to the value of 15.7 trillion dollars by the year of 2030. Now if we speak of UAE specifically the UAE’s GDP value, because of the AI, will be increased by 96 billion dollars or you can say 13.6 percent by the same year.

As of, now the artificial intelligence is unsettling, redefining and increasing the outcome and value of every industry there is. It can do anything from predicting the price rates of the finance industry, to stock market from diagnosing the patient to predictive analysis in healthcare. These details were given to the report by the CEO and founder, Omar, of Arabnet.

So, the AI can do automation, personalization, predict, improve and enhance the experience of a customer. It is effective for all that implement it with productivity and efficiency. So this way the organization or person will be able to gain experience and edge over their competitors. They also told that there are many solutions for the problems that AI is offering with little effort. These solutions include operational applications, robotics automation, business processes re-mastering, blockchain solutions, big data analysis, data gathering and selection, data management and what not. Manage your things and time get a mobile phone by Apple, have a look at them.


A platform for startups in AI

Neural programming can also be used in the search of new talent, using the AI. The CEO of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority named Shahla Ahmed Abdul Razak, while talking about the finding told the news that result of the reports is the factor that goes over the success and failure of our country. The story of the UAE’s success is because it implemented artificial intelligence. The minister of Artificial Intelligence stated that we have developed the best strategy in our meetings with the government of UAE, in November 2018, said Omar bin Sultan Al Olama.

DTEC. Is as a main platform for the startups and it being a major tech campus that is located in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, they are looking forward to collaborating with the revolutionary and innovative institutions and incubations. These institutions include startAD, Arabnet, and others. The reason and result that they have in mind behind this collaboration are to generate accurate data analysis reports and contribute to technology.

For now, the plan is to accomplish in Dubai but it will be expanded to the further world. In order to achieve these, they have to make flexible regulatory frameworks and comprehensive strategies established by the leadership of the UAE. This leadership is in support of entrepreneurs, small and emerging business and SMEs. This will benefit them by attracting investments directly. Oh, by the way, these Huawei smartphones are not any less either.