Apple is Launching Three New Iphones with Smart Look

29 Aug 2018

Last year in November, Apple launched its flagship phone and it was all the hype. Apple distanced its self from the usual design it always gives. The big bezels and that home screen button from the front were removed. All the apple and especially iPhone fans loved it. Soon after almost all of the mobile manufacturer companies did not hesitate to copy the design, the front design of world famous iPhone X. Call it iPhone ten or iPhone X it does not matter. What matter is, that Apple introduced a design, which the rest decided to follow. Anyhow, it was a good thing that we could see an iPhone without big bezels.


The last year's release, the iPhone X helped Apple a lot in gaining a smart share of the Smartphone market. Before this, people were extremely disappointed with Apple and iPhone and instead of growing, Apple's Smartphone market stopped rising. After the success of iPhone X now, Apple is launching three new iPhone very soon. The new phones will feature the iconic edge-to-edge display and a notch on top, very similar to the last year's iPhone X. these new devices will have wider and bright color range. With more features and functions, the price has also been raised. The news was leaked by some authorized personals who asked not to be disclosing the identity discussing these unannounced products. Along with features, you will also get a variety of different screen sizes of new Apple phones.


New iPhone according to the analysts:

To let you move in on the news, there are going to be three new iPhone. However, you might find this as a downside; none of the new iPhones will be a completely new design. This meaning it will be relabeling and redesigning of the previous ones. But the company is setting up and thinking to add features and make noteworthy changes for the next year releases. According to some analysts, the iPhone X was not a big hit like analysts hoped for, before its release date in Nov 2017. But there is no doubt that the sales iPhone X made played a big and important role in making Apple big again and it gets that market share that hasn't grown over a long period of time. The new phones are expected to be made public in September.


 Services and accessories offered by Apple:

Apple is a stagiest, no doubt in that! This year its strategy has changed. Now, instead of luring millions and billions of its users into new phones, they are planning to slowly and steadily raise the average prices. Expanding the total number of active devices, all around the globe, and then increasing the expenses for things like Apple services and accessories, will help them take the money out of you slowly. Apple really followed the quote "slow and steady wins the race". Gene Munster, who is an analyst and managing partner of Loup Ventures, said that now Apple's iPhones and Ipads are entering the era of zero to five percent annual growth and the tactics Apple has adopted will help them keep moving on that path.


The real deal for the investors and investing companies still is the iPhone because it brings all the side dishes with it like apple watch, apple AirPods, Apple music, etc. Back in the day, 2016 Apple announced proudly that it has one billion active devices. And after two years of planning and hard work, Apple has become successful in rising up to 1.3 billion. The announcement of new iPhone later will add even more numbers to this value, hopes Apple!


New iPhone X :

According to some pre-release leaked images and our inside info, the new iPhone will have a wider price range, bigger screens, and more variety of colors. These phones are hoped to make the news as the biggest mainstream phones on the market. These will be, with no doubt, largest phones by Apple. New iPhone X will also have a glass back with OLED screen, not commonly known as Organic LED, and the side edges will be of stainless steel. Do not forget the dual cameras on the back, yes Apple is sticking with the dual cameras. The front top notch will be the same too. This will be the second phone by Apple having an OLED screen. Bigger screens are more in demand these days. No physical home button though, sorry folks.