Is a French door Refrigerator best for you and your kitchen? How and why?

17 May 2019

If you are buying a new refrigerator then you would have come across many choices out there available in the market. Most of the people only know about the traditional top mount refrigerator. There are lots of other refrigerators that are offering many other features and functions to your besides these top mount. If you want to go for a different approach and buy a refrigerator that is modern with advanced features, stylish and has some other features as well. Then you should definitely check out the best side by side refrigerators.

Side by side refrigerators also do have a lot of space and you will not have any space issues. These refrigerators have two doors at the top that open side by side, thus the name. At the bottom of the fridge there is a drawer freezer that is easy to access and find things in. Your food in this refrigerator will not be buried and lost unless you forgot where you put it. The only downside to these refrigerators is the price point, but if you see comfort and luxury that it provides, the price is justified we think.

Other than that we will now come straight to the point and let you know why and how is your kitchen best for French door refrigerators. By the way, you should definitely check out our French door refrigerator collection and choose your favorite refrigerator there. We are now providing home delivery in every corner of the UAE. Plus our customer care service is superb too! Following are some reasons why you should choose the French door fridge for your kitchen and homes.



The thing that is most important in using the refrigerators is accessibility. We are not talking about the features and functions here! When you open a refrigerator to get something it is most important that you get it quickly, meaning the accessibility should be high. Many people do not look for this when buying a refrigerator. However, it is important as you would be using the fridge long after.

Accessibility of the French door refrigerator is super high and they are like made for easy access. If you see the top mount refrigerators, you face some difficulty when it comes to accessibility. Mainly it is because of the old design. Let’s agree to the fact that top mount refrigerators have an old design that is outdated. In freezers, mostly, your food often gets buried and lost, you have to arrange things again and again!

Freezers like top mount and bottom mount have the utility and they are also cheap, energy efficient, and have more usable space but still, accessibility is important. So first off, this is why you should buy a French door refrigerator. However, if you feel like you should not get the French door refrigerator you can always go to our refrigerator section and choose your kind and type of refrigerator. But with a French door, you would not have a problem finding food or accessing crisp drawer.



Energy efficiency

If you have ever read how a refrigerator is energy efficient then you know that traditional top-mount refrigerators are energy efficient. These refrigerators use more energy to keep the freezer cold and up to the temperature because hot air rises up to the top. On the other hand, French door refrigerators have warm refrigerator space is on top of the freezer. So air is not rising up and the fridge is not using more energy to keep the temperature constant. Instead, the air is just being released so the refrigerator as a whole consumes less energy.

This is possible only because of the design of French door refrigerators. Now if you have decided whether a French door refrigerator is best for you and your kitchen then make sure that you buy the from plug n point. We are offering the best refrigerators at cheap prices. Have a look at other home appliances too!



Again the French door refrigerators take lead among other latest fridges. The side by side refrigerators does not give you wide enough space in which you can store large and wide items and food. You can always place it into small containers that would fit into it. While the French door refrigerators have a full-width fridge and freezer portion. So, you can easily store food items too! Cleaning the French door refrigerator is also easy and simple. If you do not want too much space, more likely if you want a fridge for personal use then check out our mini-refrigerators.