What are The Best Air Purifiers To Buy in The UAE

What are The Best Air Purifiers To Buy in The UAE?

16 Nov 2020

The air purifier is a device that works to remove all the contaminants from the air inside the room and offers you fresh and healthy air. The device plays a very important role for allergy sufferers and people who are suffering from asthma. Are you living in the UAE and are looking for the best air purifiers in the UAE to place in your room to purify the air and to take breathes in the fresh air then this below-given list of the air purifiers would help you find the perfect match according to your need:  

  • LG Ultra Violet Air Purifier (AM50GYWN2)

This is one of the Best Air Purifiers to buy in the UAE. The purifier is systemized with the watering system. It shows a smart indicator and lighting. This air purifier also comes with several unique features including a rain view window, smart drying, humidity and odor sensor, ultraviolet light trickle watering, and some others.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 5902.

  • Panasonic Remote Control Air Purifier (FV-XL95M)

It is a 70 m sq. Air Purifier that is fit for almost all the normal or standard-sized rooms. This air purifier works with remote control and makes the users relax and effortless. Humidification and skin hydration are the major features of this air purifier. This air purifier works with sandstorm mode that makes it unique from other air purifiers.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 5313

  • Hitachi Corded Air Purifier (EPA6000RED)

Hitachi is another name in manufacturing quality air purifiers. This mentioned Air Purifier is designed in two colors including white and red. Moreover, the overall design of the purifier looks good that can be compatible with any type of room. It is manufactured with the HEPA filter type. This also uses humidifying mode and also use 05 operation modes.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for around AED 1500

Remote Control Air Purifier

  • XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

This air purifier is manufactured by XIAOMI. It is a pro formaldehyde removal. It is a cleaning sterilizer and a smart air cleaner that is used by the smart app controller. Besides these, this purifier also shows some unique features and offers users a great experience.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 664.91.

  • Philips Air Purifier (AC1215)

Philips is another trusted and the oldest name in manufacturing quality electronic products. It makes a lot of products but here we come with the best Philips air purifier manufactured by Philips. This mentioned code of the air purifier is designed with the nano-protect pro filter. Night sensing mode is used to complete this air purifier. With the constant and quitter clean air delivery, this purifier offers users a wonderful experience.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 1016.45.

  • Blueair Air Purifier (Classic 203)

Blueair is one of the top air purifier companies in the UAE that is offering its services not only in the UAE but throughout the world the users are getting an amazing experience of using electronics by Blueair. Blueair designed this classic 203 air purifier. The purifier is designed with the HEPA silent smoke stop filter. It works with the manual control system with the help of which it is easy to capture allergens, odors, smoke, mold, dust, germs, and pets, etc. This is compatible with almost all types of rooms.  

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 998.99.

  • Karcher Air Purifier (KA 5)

This is an all in one solution air purifier. This is designed for a large room with a size of 72 m square. TVOC filtration is used for this air purifier. It works with 360-degree air circulation. Through a remote control system, you can operate this air purifier from any location in the room. Moreover, it is designed in white color and a beautiful look all make it a unique air purifier.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 2,499.

  • Samsung Air Purifier (AX60M5051WS)

In manufacturing quality electronic products Samsung is the most vibrant name. From home appliances to personal care appliances and electronic gadgets, all are manufacturing by Samsung on a large scale along with a diverse range of items. This mentioned name is the best air purifier by Samsung. It has the capacity to purify the air until 60 square meters. It only consumes 60 watts of power to perform its tasks. Samsung has designed this purifier in white color.

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 1,779.

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  • Airocide air Purifier (APS200)

Airocide is one of the top-rated names in manufacturing air purifiers. The air purifiers designed by Airocide are not only using in the UAE but these are selling across the world. This mentioned name of the air purifier is the best product by Airocide. It comes with a 100 square meter capacity. It is designed in such a way that it is compatible with any type of room. It works efficiently and also designed in such a way that it looks different from all other mentioned purifiers.   

Price: You can buy this air purifier for AED 2,550.

  • Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic Air Purifier (TP06)

In the end, we would like to share an air purifier designed by Dyson. Dyson is another good company in manufacturing electronic goods. This air purifier works with 350-degree oscillation to mix and circulate purified air throughout the room. It shows an LCD on which the air quality reports are displayed. With the help of cryptomic technology, the purifier destroys formaldehyde and works continuously. Moreover, the air purifier does not need any replacement.

Buy The Best Air Purifiers

Throughout the UAE you can find hundreds of shops and stores to find all these mentioned and many other air purifiers in the UAE. However, here we would like to invite you to explore Plugnpoint that is listed among the best online shoppers throughout the UAE. Here you can find a variety of air purifiers and once after going through the given list of the air purifiers you can easily choose the one according to your need.

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