Best electric Shaver in Dubai. Travel shaving essential 2020

20 Nov 2019

For those who love to travel as a backpacker know that traveling in budget can be so challenging and fun at the same time. A backpacker travel is all about to discover even the streets of the new place that he is visiting and with so many different countries, languages and cultures it becomes very hard to know what is the best way to travel in budget as a backpacker and when there . The most difficult thing they come across is to find a best travel shaver for themselves. A good travel shaver for backpackers is a good essential which they can use anywhere, especially in Dubai. 

If you want to spend less while abroad tour there are some tips that you can follow which will not only help you save lots of money but also lead you to discover more about the best portable shaver.  A traveler always know the importance of having a good rechargeable travel shaver with them. While on a tour you can need to shave yourself anytime, so having a good portable shaver is very essential. 

Types of Portable Shaver 

There are two types of portable shaver available in the for travelers that you guys can choose from in Dubai.  

1-Foil design

It is a type of portable shaver in which a thin layer of foil has isolated blades which easily lift hair from your face and then remove them. This mechanism of portable shaver will give you smoother shave and they come in different number of blades. 

2-Rotary design

This is another type of rechargeable travel shaver which you guys can be bought in any store. It has a rotatable head and blades with spin motion. This is a best travel shaver for yourself if you want a smoother shave during your travel. It adjusts itself according to the face structure of yours.


Feature you want in a good electric Shaver

There are certain features that you need in your electric shaver when buying one during travel of Dubai. Instead of using regular traditional razor on your skin these portable shavers will give you better shave each and every time. Here is a list of all those features that you need in your best electric travel shaver

Your portable shaver should be fast and easy to clean. You don't have to put some extra work during shaving. 

The best thing you will get in these portable shavers that they decrease the skin irritation. You will feel an immediate difference in regular razor and rechargeable travel shaver.

They are very easy to carry and use during your travel.

They should be cheap and don't put too much weight on your pocket. 

List of best travel shaver in Dubai

1-Braun 9 Series

This is an award winning electric portable shaver and that's why it is on the top of our list. This product is made by a Geran company has a very beautiful ergonomic design which gives it a very classy look. There are many other features which make this electric shaver a top notch and that is its leite cleaning system which allows you to clean it easily. This rechargeable travel shaver has one of the best batteries  that you guys can get in a rechargeable shaver. On top of that you will get four way shear system which will give you a smoother shave each and every time. 

2-Norelco 9000

This is another great product in the category of electric shavers. This marvelous rechargeable shaver is a product of Philip company which has a great name in its home appliance products. It has many great features which will attract the customer to buy one for themselves. The best feature that you will see in this electric shaver of Dubai is Beard Adapt Sensor. This sensor allows you to trim your beard equally from everywhere. This product has one of the most elegant designs among other products in the market, it has a rotatable head so you can use it in multiple directions. The best feature of this best electric travel shaver is its skin comfort system. 

3-One blade Norelco

This is another great product by Philip which is a little less expensive than the previous one. A traveler always know the importance of having a good rechargeable travel shaver with them. While on a tour you can need to shave yourself anytime, so having a good portable shaver is very essential. The best thing about this product is that it has multiple direction blades in it. You can use trimming length combo for a safe shaving experience. 


4-Remington F5

This is one of the best Foil shavers for any traveler. It is a great portable shaver to get cleaner, smoother and less expensive shave each and every time. The best thing about this electric shaver that it has a quick charge feature embedded in it so you guys will not have to wait longer for your shave. It also has a pivoting head which moves accordingly to the comfort of your skin. 

So, here are some of the best portable shavers that you guys can buy in Dubai. What are you waiting for go and get one for yourself at plugnpoint.