Best places from where you can buy home appliances in Dubai

03 Apr 2019

Home appliances are what keep your house running. Your work becomes half with these home appliances. So, what not know what are the best places where you can buy home appliances from Dubai. This article will take you through the place from where you can get the best home appliance. Dubai is known to be the world shopping center and if you are living in Dubai and not doing shopping then what are you doing. So, if you are looking to buy some home appliance, then this is the article for you. For whatever reason, you want to buy the appliance just follow the guide and buy the quality home appliance in Dubai. In the following place, you will find the home appliance with great quality and reliability.


Plug N Point

This is of course on top of the list, because here you can find a huge assortment of all the home appliance. Not just home appliance but there is much more to the place. You can also buy home décor, kitchen, and dining tools and appliance, audio and video appliance too. Plug n point is offering you the best services along with the low prices. All appliance and products here are verified by the team and there is nothing you have to worry about. You can visit the stores that are located all across the UAE. If you do not want that, there is always an option of online shopping.


Lulu market

This place offers many products, from fresh food to groceries. From electronics to the home appliance, and from dining to other things that you might be needing too. There are promotions and offers often. They are offering the customers good quality products. The nice thing is that prices are according to the product and reasonable. They also have a web store.


Sharaf DG

They have a wide collection of home appliances and other electronics. The stores give a unique feel and ambiance. The shopping experience there is very good and you can experience products to check its functionality before buying it.




There is always the option for you to buy the home appliances directly from the largest electronics company i.e. Samsung. If you do not like to go to retailers this is the place. The problem with going direct to the manufacturer is that you do not have many options. Samsung is trusted across the world for quality and durability. The customer care services and products are amazing.



Carrefour is operating all across the country. Along with being a good place for home appliance shopping it also has all the general grocery items there. You can get an appliance like LED TV, refrigerators and etc. Many of these stores are also in malls in Dubai. This is the place to buy all things from.



This is one of the most desirable places for home appliances. Thousands of products and more than 300 brands are available here. The environment is also one of the things to visit the place, with deals going on for the complete year there are many things for you here. You can also find the shops in malls too.


Better Life

Variety of many home appliances and households, this is the place where you can get it all. Over 400 products are available here. The best brands can be located here. They promise to give you the least price and a refund for the difference if you purchased it. There is a payment plan too if you are into that. They are also official distributors of many home appliance companies. You can cancel your order within 24 hours.



With 6 stores located across UAE in major cities, this is one of the best places. It is much more to just than selling electronics.

Of course, there are many other places for home appliance and electronics shopping. Dubai is not limited to these places only, Jumbo and Jacky’s Electronics are honorable mentions here. You can let us know about the places we missed and well make up to it, happy shopping!