What refrigerator style is best according to your needs?

08 Apr 2019

There are different types and verities of refrigerators available today. With so many options it is difficult for people to choose and know what type is best for their specific usage. If you are also looking for the answer to what refrigerator style is best according to your needs then this is the article for you. The style of the refrigerator will effect on many things like your working time and efficiency in the kitchen. Then it also depends on your storage style and usage. There are some advantages and cons to using a specific type of refrigerator, following we are going to discuss that so you can easily choose. Have a look at these home appliances too. 


The first on the list is the traditional top mount refrigerator.

They have a freezer on top with a bottom compartment for refrigeration. These are the most popular ones and most commonly used too. The freezer and refrigerator section have separate doors, this is because temperature remains more constant this way. This refrigerator is economical and energy efficient, and it also has more usable space for you. They are also cheaper than the rest of the refrigerator styles.


Next one is bottom mount refrigerator.

The bottom mount is reverse of top mount. Here freezer is at bottom and refrigerator at the top. The freezer pulls out drawer. They are expensive but at the same time, the freezer gives you more storage and freezer is now easier to reach. Your frozen food won’t be buried and lost in this refrigerator. But if you are tall you might have to bend more to use the freezer. These are also energy efficient and they are available in more colors and designs, unlike the top mount. The bottom mount offers you the same features and functions as the top mount but with little change in design.


How can we forget this next one, side-by-side refrigerators?

This one is really expensive than the previous ones. The side by side fridges has the freezer on the left and the refrigerator on the right side. Both the sides are fully occupied by the respective compartments. Different height and width refrigerators are available. Some of the models also have ice and water dispenser built-in them that increases the cost and energy usage too but is worthwhile. Storage capacity is less as compared to the top and bottom mount. Also, they are not wide enough so that you can store big utensils. Shelves are adjustable. Door swing is shorter and is best if you have less space. They come in different colors, sizes, and features. You can choose the best one from plug n point.



Next, we have these French door refrigerators.

The French door refrigerators are on top for convenience but at the same time, they are the most expensive ones. These have two split doors at the top for refrigeration purposes and the freezer is at the bottom as pull out drawer, mostly but it can vary. The racks and shelves are adjustable like any other refrigerator. These also have optional built-in water and ice dispensers. As you go up the price you will get more drawers and compartments, the higher models have 4 refrigerator compartments. They increase the beauty of your home and kitchen. The smart models also have screen and Wi-Fi connection, you can get connected to the world of internet via your refrigerator.


Single door fridge with freezers.

These are small but do have a freezer. It is usually on top but in some models, it comes at the bottom too. Refrigerator and freezer have one common door. These are the cheapest one to buy and maintain. This is most probably because they are small too. Features and space in these refrigerators are less. Basically, it is for one person or more like room refrigerator for your personal usage.


Bottom line

How you can choose the best style for yourself. First of all, you need to know how much space you have, then compare it with the fridge’s dimensions. Then see if you have a tight budget and if you can above that. After all these you need to confirm the things like if you can bend if you would be storing wider and big cookware in it. Would you prefer the freezer at top or bottom? If you need lots of space and want to save on electricity too then top mount but they won’t give you too much style. So decide what you like and what is your priority style or savings. Each type of refrigerator has its convenience and disadvantages too, no type is best and on top. Choose wisely, shop best from plug n point, get best prices here, happing shopping.