Most Popular LED TV Brands in Dubai, UAE 2019

29 Mar 2019

If you are looking to buy a TV in the UAE and want to know what brands are most popular in the area then her is a list of them. However, we will not be mentioning all of the brands, just the top ones are listed here. For the following, there is going to be a little discussion about the pros and cons of each brand. Anyways if you would like you can check out our latest collection of the top quality LED TVs here, at plug n point.



Without any doubt the top most selling brand in UAE is Samsung. Samsung LED TVs always have the topmost image quality and sound quality. The sound quality is not near compared to the home theaters but they are good as compared to other brands. If you wish to have Samsung you will get good color range with deep black levels. Brightness and colors are close to accurate. Their Dolby vision is the higher and most promising feature.

There are some downsides to Samsung TVs too. First, the price is too high. Unless you do not care the prices are high according to the features. Then Bixby is a good voice assistant but it is not still at the level of Google Assistant. Samsung Q series is most popular and selling these days. Check out these Samsung LED TVs and get these for best prices at plug n point.



The LG spectacular image quality is top of the line. If it were for only the image quality it would have been number one in the list. LG’ OLED TVs are one of the greatest TV you will ever have. They are best in delivering. Perfect black levels with superb uniformity.  The wide viewing angles on LG TVs are good and important if there are many people who watch TV. You can spread out rather than just sitting in front of the screen and still have a good and clear image. These LED TVs also feature accurate color. Nowadays LG is very famous for its striking super-slim panel designs. LG smart TV is among the best. Good contrast and accurate colors are important which they have.

If we talk about the brightness, this is one of the things that LG was never very good at. These TVs are not the brightest ones. If there is too much light in the room of if you are watching it in open some of the clarity will be lost. But OLEDs do not have this, they are good even in bright lights. So if you want a good result then spend some money.



Everyone is familiar with Sony and their product’s performances. So the next most popular brand is Sony. Sony does not cease to provide us with the best there is. Sony LED TVs have top quality image quality, great color range, deep black levels, and high dynamic range performance and there are many more features that you have to discover on your own. Sony design and hardware is also of topmost quality. These TVs give you modern looks. The operating system is Android with Google assistant and this is very good.

Disadvantages of being a Sony TV is that you can have a TV with better quality and features in even less price range. Sometimes the voice assistant is not responding and seems like it’s down. You will have the best value for money with Sony but if you have bought there won’t be many issues. We have some of the best Sony TV collection here, check it out and buy them.




The TCL 6 series is the thing to discuss separately. These TVs are the best in TCL overall. They have excellent image quality with decent black levels. The brightness is also good and rich. Talking about rich, these TVs also give you good contrast and accurate colors. One better thing about TCL is that they have the best and widely available application and streaming support. Most of the TCL have Dolby Atmos and Dolby vision so image quality and sound quality are both are good.

Bad things about TCL TVs is that they the TVs that have higher price only those are good at the brightness and good image quality. TVs from 28 to 45 inches are good enough but not the best. Overall TCL is a good company and the products are good.



Vizio has nice image quality as non-OLED TV. Now even outdoor viewing is not a problem because you have this LED TVs. It gets blindingly bright indoors. HDR results are also amazing. Coming down the specifications black levels are also very good perfuming. The style is sleek and gives a modern look. If you have the money to buy their OLED TVs then do it. Otherwise, this company is not that good. The low priced led TVs are not very good. High-end TVs have the Dolby Vision high dynamic range.

It goes good with voice assistants like Alexa and Google and phones too. Remote and smart TV features are confusing and not best there is. Not all of the TVs are good. Its smart TV system is poor. If you can afford them you can buy some better TVs too but if you can’t this is a good choice compared to many of other brands out there.