Best smart TV of 2019! Comparison between 8k vs. 4k and OLED vs. QLED

28 Aug 2019

It’s an era of technology, and when it comes to technological advancement we just cannot simply ignore the TV industry. The TV has been among one of the most groundbreaking technology inventions over 50 years and with time each company is making advancement in its technology to give the best smart TV in the market. There are various international companies like Samsung, LG, SONY, and Phillips, which are trying to compete in the industry by introducing new technology each day. 

The best smart TV of 2019

In 2017 4K resolution was introduced and people thought that it is the invention of the century because there is no way anyone can surpass this quality of resolution, but they were wrong. In 2019 all these big companies are introducing 8K resolution in their new OLED and QLED TV. This technology will produce 4 times sharper image on your TV screen than 4K. Samsung is going to launch this technology in Dubai in its latest Q900R model, and it is going to be a Best TV in Dubai 2019.


We just simply cannot ignore these two types of the latest TV when we are talking about the 2019 best smart TV. These two TVs have a different mechanism in which they work. Here are some of the main differences between TV.


·        It stands for organic light-emitting diode, which is fundamentally different technology from LCD. In OLED pixels are emitting light of their own to make an image on the screen.


·        QLED means quantum light-emitting diode which is an improved technology of LED TV. It is a transmissive technology which means it relies on the backlight to form an image on the screen.

Comparison between 4K and 8K 

4K resolution was defined as the TV content which has 4000 Pixels content in a Horizontal screen, and now 8K is supposed to surpass this and give its viewers 8000 pixels on a horizontal screen with double the prize as well but with the passage of time like all the other technologies it will also get cheaper, and hopefully there will be cheap QLED TV in the market till 2020. It is also being referred to as the super Hi-Vision TV. There are multiple comparisons between both these technologies that we are going to discuss today.

1.     Size of the screen

The Size of 4K resolution TV started from 32 inch LED, OLED or QLED, but the screen of Samsung Q900R is starting from the size of the 64-inch screen. This is double the size of a normal TV that is being used in homes right now. Company has so much confidence in their product that it will enhance the TV experience for its customers.

2.     Resolution

As mentioned earlier TV will be double in the resolution than the previous 4K technology.  Precisely 8K UHD has around 7680 pixels vertical and 4320 horizontal resolution. On the other hand, 4K technology was (2160* 3840) pixels.

3.     Frame rate

Frame rate means the number of images displayed on the individual frame per second. This mechanism is used to sync audio with video. In 8K technology, it is 120 Hz and 4K has only 50-60 frames per second.

4.     Audio

Audio has been a great part of a good TV when it comes to comparing one and now in 8K technology, Samsung has given the ability to support 22.2 Audio channel while in 4K it was just 5.1.

5.     View angle

There is another big difference in both technologies the 4K technology will give you the view angle of just 55 degrees but in 8K resolution technology, you will get 100-degree view angle. So 8K give you a wider range of angle to view your video.