What are The Best Water Dispensers and How Much Electricity is Consumed

What are The Best Water Dispensers and How Much Electricity is Consumed?

05 Oct 2020

Water dispensers are listed under the list of the modern kitchen appliances. With the increasing demand for getting instant cold water the numbers of dispensers have also been increased in the market. Today, almost all the major running electrical companies are giving their complete contribution to manufacturing the quality water dispensers. However, after going through this article the reader will be able to get the complete idea about the best water dispenser price in the UAE, what are the common uses and advantages of the water dispensers, how much energy is consumed by water dispensers, and you can also find some of the Best Water Dispensers that are currently in demand in the UAE.   

The Uses and Advantages of Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are using on a large scale and these are offering the best advantages to the users. However, the following are the uses and advantages of water dispensers:

·        Through water dispensers, you can get the water with better tastes than normal.

·        Water dispensers offer filtered water to drink which is the reason for good health.

·        Automatic water dispensers are easy to use for drinking water.

·        Water dispensers are available in the less or reasonable price ranges in the market. So, the use of water dispensers for drinking water is also a way to save money.

·        Today we are finding the water dispensers with the normal and smart sized. This is the reason that the water dispensers are occupying less space and offer more free space to your room, office, or kitchen, etc.

·        Water dispensers are using for both of the purposes. For example, you can get cold water for drinking and hot water to make tea or coffee.

Automatic water dispensers

  • Energy Consumed By Water Dispensers

Water dispensers are working instantly to offer cold water. However, at the same time, water dispensers are also using to get instant hot water or even boiled water for coffee and tea making. So, under these conditions, the water dispensers consume, somehow, high energy or electricity. Through estimation, it has been calculated that the average per day energy consumed by a normal water dispenser is 1.6 kWh.

  • Average Price Range Of Water Dispensers

The price depends upon the quality as well as the functionality of the water dispensers. However, the average price range for suitable and multifunctional water dispensers in the UAE exists between 300 AED and 800 AED. However, it depends upon your requirements that what type of appliance you are looking to fulfill your requirements.  

The Best Water Dispensers in The UAE

The following are the latest water dispensers that are currently selling in the UAE or even throughout the world these dispensers are using to fulfill the drinking requirements:

  • Super General Freestanding Water Dispenser (SGL1171)

Super general is one of the most familiar names in manufacturing electrical appliances. The company has also been designing and manufacturing the best water dispensers. This mentioned name is the most beautifully designed stainless steel water dispenser. With its reliable controls, the dispenser is easy to use. It is designed with a compact design and occupies minimum space.

  • Krypton Table Top Water Dispenser (KNWD6094)

Krypton has been working to manufacture the quality electrical appliances and this discussed water dispenser is such an example. This is a hi-tech water dispenser and is more convenient to operate. The high-quality material is used to assure the durability of this appliance.

  • Crownline Top And Bottom Loading Water Dispenser (WD-194)

Crownline manufactures reliable and efficient water dispensers. This dispenser is designed in a compact size. It is very easy to operate and clean this water dispenser. However, it is an excellent appliance for all uses i.e. cold water and hot water.

  • Midea Bottom Load Water Dispenser (YL1566SB)

This stainless steel water dispenser has the capacity of using the tank of 10 liters of water. It is designed with double safety design. It is designed with a mechanical temperature controlling and push-button control system.

  • Panasonic Bottom Load Water Dispenser (SDMWD3438BG)

This black and stainless steel water dispenser is suitable for hot, cold, and normal water. It is a Bottom Load Water Dispenser that works with multiple frequencies. Overheating protection is a core feature of this water dispenser. Moreover, to prevent it from any loss the child lock is also applied to this water dispenser.

Water Dispenser price

  • Aftron Top Load Water Dispenser (AFWD3700)

This is a top-load stainless steel water dispenser provides both hot and cold temperature. It has the capacity of using 11 to 15 liters water tank. The dispenser is designed with a fast cooling compressor. The plastic material is also used to complete the manufacturing of this dispenser.

  • Toshiba Top Load Water Dispenser RWF-W1766TU (K)

Toshiba is another best company in manufacturing electrical appliances. Water dispensers are one of the main manufacturing appliances by Toshiba. This mentioned name of the water dispenser is designed in a plastic body. This provides both hot water and cold water opportunities.

  • Hitachi Free Standing Top Load Water Dispenser (HWD4000)

This double safety water dispenser is a quiet and energy-saving water dispenser. The high efficient cooling compressor is the main part of this dispenser. It consumes 660 Watts power to perform its tasks.

  • Nikai Free Standing Top And Bottom Load Water Dispensers

This is a large size water dispenser that has the size to bear a water tank of 21 to 40 liters. It works to get both hot and cold water. However, safety lock, foot cushion, and the anti-spill system are some advanced features of this water dispenser.

  • Blue Star Floor Standing Bottom Load Water Dispenser (BWD3FMGA)

This is another best water dispenser that has a storage tank of 2.5 liters of water. It is a floor-standing durable water dispenser with multi-functions including hot, cold, and normal water.  

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