What are The Biggest Mistakes in The Way People Use Their Refrigerators?

26 Jun 2020

We know that the summer season is passing and in the summer season, the use of refrigerators is high. We are using refrigerators for several purposes and the best use of refrigerator is to make the foods free from any spoilage in the summer season. But, at the same time, we make some mistakes because of which we find some drawbacks and losses in our refrigerators.

The following are the common mistakes we are doing while using our refrigerators. Readout these mistakes carefully and try to avoid these mistakes to keep your refrigerator efficient in working: 

Milk And Dairy Products On The Door

We mostly put milk and some dairy products on the door of the Refrigerator which is one of the main mistakes we are making. At the door side, the temperature is warmest which is harmful to milk, butter, yogurt, and some other dairy products. So, you should put these products on refrigerator shelves.  

  • Meat is Out Of Meat Drawer 

You can find there are special drawers are designed to freeze or place the meat inside the refrigerators. But without taking any care we put meat anywhere in the refrigerators. This makes the refrigerators out of space and at the same time, the temperature issues can also be seen under such conditions. Therefore, you should choose the right place for particular products and food items.

Cleaning The Condenser Coil

  • Not Cleaning The Condenser Coil

Condenser coils are placed at the back or the bottom side f the refrigerators. The role of the condenser coils is to make the refrigerators cool and to regulate the temperature. The mistake that we make is that we do not take care of the condenser coils. Dirt and other material embraced on these coils which make them less efficient. Under this situation, the condenser coils work hard and consequently they ruin badly. We should take care of the condenser coils especially in the summer season when the temperature is high and condenser coils work hard to regulate the required temperature of the fridge.

  • Not Wrapping The Food Before Freezing

We mostly find some food products in a special coating or wrapping. Wrapping with some freezer bags and aluminum foil. We put these food items as it is as we bought them from the market. These freezing wrappers do not allow the foods to freeze quickly. Before putting the food items with freezing wrappers we should make the wrapping smooth to provide proper air to the food items to become them freeze easily. Otherwise, Your Refrigerator takes extra time to make the foods frozen.

  • Fruit And Vegetables Are Not In the Crisper Drawer

Vegetables and fruits are called crispers to some extent. We should place them in the crisper drawers or in the specific drawers where these items can be put for a long time. Try to keep lettuce, broccoli, and other veggies and fruits in the crisper drawers in the refrigerator and you would see that these items would stay fresh for a long time.

  • Some Ingredients You Should Not Be Refrigerated

There are some ingredients are commonly using in our kitchens including onion, garlic, ginger, and some other related ingredients. No doubt, without these ingredients the foods are not said to be delicious. But, we do not take care of the right place of these ingredients. The refrigerator is not a good option for them. This is because these ingredients leave a long-lasting smell that can also mix into other food products. Under such conditions, we find some food spoilage. So, place these ingredients inside the kitchen shelves, and in this way, you can also offer a Good Space to your Refrigerator for placing other ingredients and food products there.

  • Your Fridge is Full of Items

It is also the biggest mistake we are commonly doing with our refrigerators that we keep them full of items. First of all, we should take care of the specific drawers and apartments arranged inside the refrigerator. Then we should place the products and ingredients according to the set places, shelves, or drawers. In this way, the food items will be in a sequence and you can also make your refrigerator free from abundance of foods. This will offer a modest look to your refrigerator and this won’t be messy for a long time.

Temperature Regulation is Failed

  • Temperature Regulation is Failed

Best refrigerators for home are those that are good at regulating the temperature. But, this feature of the refrigerator cannot be processed successfully until you won’t take participate to provide proper temperature to your refrigerator. First of all, you should place your refrigerator at such a place where the temperature is moderate for a refrigerator to work. Moreover, the temperature regulators are also placed inside the refrigerators to offer the needy temperature to the food products. So, regulate or fix the temperature according to your needs.

  • You Are Putting Hot Foods

This is one of the biggest mistakes we make with the refrigerators that we put hot items in it. It has commonly seen that we are putting hot milk or other dairy products, and soups inside the fridge. This activity can enhance the hotness inside the refrigerator which will allow the bacteria and other microorganisms to spoil other food items placed inside the refrigerator.

  • You Are Putting New Foods At Front

Keep an eye on this point that commonly we put the new food items in front of the already placed food items inside the refrigerator. Consequently, we take the new items first to eat and the previous items are not used on time. This thing makes the already placed foods old and there are many chances of spoilage of that food items. So, make sure that you are using the previous items at first.

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