How to Meet Social Media challenges of 2018?

14 Jun 2018

Whether you like it or not, social media has become a part and parcel of our lives. Everybody is available on social media, irrespective of the age, gender, and ethnic difference. According to studies, you can now reach almost every internet user through various social media platforms. The majority of the people have stopped using search engines to find the products of their needs. They go straight to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc to reach what they are looking for.

Due to the widespread of social media usage, each day brings new challenges for brands. Social media marketing is one of the most effective tools to grow your brand. It allows you to connect directly with your customers and boost your reach. Though social media marketing is easier than traditional marketing, there is massive competition as everyone is online here.

The day of social media marketer is a day full of challenges and utter level competition. This year brought several shifts in SMM. To get yourself and your brand stand out from the rest you must have to overcome these challenges in 2018. Here, we are identifying the major social media challenges of 2018 and viable solutions to them.


Declining organic reach and algorithms

There was a time when you could easily approach your audience by your posts. Now every brand is involved in a strict completion, social media platforms have introduced tough algorithm codes which are hard to break. To get more engagements, you must have to develop long term strategies for each social media platform. Create attractive content and put emphasize to when your audience is available.

Post different type of content and check which gets more hits. Then focus on it. People trust celebrities more, try to get endorsements from influencers to increase your organic reach.


Video content - Seeing is believing

You already know the importance of video marketing, but 2018 has brought an extreme hike in video content. Videos are getting overly segmented this year. Create attractive videos that catch the emotions of customers. Keep them short and informative, don’t overcrowd them with irrelevant details.

Above 80% of social media, users love to watch live videos. Social media video streaming is widely loved by users as compared to other forms of content. To get high engagement rates, make them appealing with attractive themes and encouraging followers’ participation.


New tools and tactics

The rapid launch of new tools, tactics, and trends created huge fatigue in brands. It is the biggest challenge for all, which consumes a heavy amount of time and energy. To keep up to date with them and for absolute marketing, you must have to increase your budget. 


Artificial Intelligence and chatbots

Being available all the time is of utter importance. Make more customized chatbots to remain engaged with your audience. With the help of AI, they interact with customers providing them relevant details and information. Voice search, analytics prediction, visual recognition, ROI hence everything will be more dependent on AI in 2018. Don’t underestimate the power of AI as it can perform many tasks more efficiently as compared to humans.