Healthy Eating in Ramadan

08 May 2019

In the month of Ramadan maintaining health is the most important thing even when you are fasting. Being hydrated is important but there are other things too that you should keep in mind and take care of. Eating healthy and smart will give you energy throughout the day. There are certain practices and ways that you should adopt to make sure that your bones are not getting weak. Following you will get some tips and tricks on how you can make sure your safety and enchantment of your bones. Have you read this good news about the taxi drivers in Ramadan?

Following tips and tricks, and outlines that you can follow to ensure bone health and safety are by Doctor Bhuvaneshwar. He is a consultant Orthopedic Surgeon in Dubai at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery. His specialization is in upper limb treatment. Following the guideline, you can remain strong and fit even when you are fasting during this hot Ramadan. This Ramadan take advantage and buy the home appliances that you always wanted.


A good intake of calcium:

A good intake of calcium means that adults require from 1000mg to 1200mg calcium in 24 hours. This is necessary for strong bones. The dairy products like yogurt, halloumi, Laban, etc. are a good source of calcium and a good way of your daily calcium intake. During your Iftar, you can have grilled halloumi or a glass of Laban. For the Sher times, the healthy and yummy way of having calcium is yogurt. You can add berries, fruits, and even nuts to it according to taste.

Yogurt helps your thirst in control and helps you go through the day plus it is light on the stomach too. During the month of Ramadan, because we are fasting and our eating habits are changed, most of us do not take care of the required amounts of calcium and other things. When there is a shortage of calcium in blood the body starts to remove calcium from bones to maintain blood levels. So, as a result of our bones and in fact we get a week.


Eating smart:

Eating smart is important and better than just overeating. During this month of fasting, there are buffets and offers at many places. In every corner you see Iftar and Suhoor offers, so many people overeat. There is also a trend of eating out and eating food with excess oil and sugar in it, in Ramadan. What you can do is avoid junk food, food with excess oil and replace them with fruits, yogurt, carrots, beans, and other similar items. Avoid eating food like rice, lasagna, etc.



Coming to drinks, you can have yogurt and milk-based drinks, for instance, milkshakes or smoothies. Try not to use sugar in these, but if you can’t live without it then you can add a little bit. The goal here is to avoid drinks with a high amount of sugar in it like Juices and fizzy drinks. Then most of the people also start lots of Iftar sweets that have high sugar. Instead of this, you can go for dairy-based food like pudding or Mahalabia. Buy the best blenders from plug n point so that you can make the best shakes and smoothies.



Sunbathing is an important source of Vitamin D which is also essential for our body and bone health. However, you should avoid even going out in the sun during the month of Ramadan, while you are fasting. The heat in UAE is like burning fire and is intense so you should escape from it anyways. You have the rest of the year to sunbath and get the vitamins you need.


After Iftar exercises:

After Iftar time and offering your prayers you can do light exercises. After you know that you have eaten and drink enough now you can go for a walk or do some light cardio. Oh, you can also do Zumba or aerobics. The strengthening exercises are very important but keep in mind to not overdo it. Some best strengthening exercises are squats, frog squats, sit-ups and there is much more.



Take shower and avoid coffee:

To keep yourself away from thirst and dying from it you should not drink coffee. By the way, this Ramadan is too hot already and one does not get to drink water all day long. So, it is just good for yourself to stay away from coffee and eat things like fruits with high water, vegetables, yogurt, etc.

You can also take shower or showers during the day time. Taking a cooling bath will cool down the body and you will have hydrated feels. If you are not into it then you can use a wet cloth to pat yourself on the face, neck, and head.