Which Freezer is Best according to the UAE Weather in 2019

29 Mar 2019

The freezer is as important in a home like a refrigerator. Additionally, if you like to get veggies and meat from sales then a separate freezer is of more importance and you should have one. Finding the best and most suitable freezer for oneself is difficult. To know what freezer is best for you whether the chest or upright freezer is best for you to read more. This article is about the fight between a chest freezer and upright freezer. There is two basic option available in the market.

With freezers, you can store food in bulk and save seasonal fruits and jams to use them later. For working people, it is also good you as you can make food for the week and consume it later. Each freezer has its trade-offs to others. Things you need consider are price, capacity, energy efficiency and installation.In fact theses freezers are one of the top home smart home applainces in UAE.


Chest freezers:

The Chest freezers are suitable for most people as they have more usable space than an upright freezer. Chest freezers can maintain their temperature even in case of power outages. As long as the freezer lid is not open. These can even keep the contents frozen for two or even three days. This is because they do not have self-defrost, sidewall insulation, and air also doesn't circulate much in a chest freezer. Chest freezers use less electricity but some upright freezers with energy Saver tag are better. So, compare before if you like. Wire basket to help you organize the contents.

These freezers have less price, more storage, have better performance and life as an upright freezer. Every inch of a chest freezer is usable. Some models also have an automatic defrost but most are manual defrost. The downside is that it can take your whole day to manual defrost. These also require a lot of bending and moving foods to find what you're looking for. But you can use wire baskets that come with to organize.


Upright freezers:

If you want a freezer that is easier to organize and does not require much space then Upright freezers are for you. The chest freezers have mostly the same design but the upright freezers come in a variety of designs. You can organize food with ease in these. And it is also easier to find the item you want. Some of these have adjustable and removable door storage.

It is hard to know whether it has self-defrost or not. These freezers are usually noisier than chest freezers, are more expensive, and have less usable storage than a chest freezer. You can’t save big things in there like turkey etc.



Space requirements:

Chest and upright freezers are available in different sizes. You can choose the size that is suitable for you. You can easily find the perfect size for yourself by multiplying people in your family by 2.5 cubic feet. This is not accurate for everyone though! You should always keep in mind the space of your kitchen or place where you are going to place it. In the case of upright freezers, you should also take into account that their doors open in front and whether there would be enough space after it is opened or not. In addition to this, there should also be enough space around the fridge so that air can circulate.


Which one is better:

If you love to keep everything organized and do not want or if it hurts to bend then you should go for the upright freezers for yourself. But on the other hand, if you are looking for the type of freezer that is economical to buy and even uses less electricity, where you can freeze lots and huge food then definitely the chest freezers are the one made for you.

It depends on your particular lifestyle, needs, and how you use it that defines what type of freezer is best for you. Then there is one thing called likening if you like some freezer so much that you do not care then it is right for you even if the other is suitable according to your life.  At the end, it comes down to personal preferences.