Commercial Kitchen Equipment differ from Regular Kitchen Equipment

How does Commercial Kitchen Equipment differ from Regular Kitchen Equipment?

27 Nov 2020

Kitchens are considered as the most prominent parts not only in the houses but in the commercial places as well. In the house, the kitchen is the basic part without which a house cannot be said a complete house. Eating is the basic need of life and everyone needs to establish a kitchen in the home to meet the eating requirements. Kitchens offer a proper cooking environment and because of the kitchen, the rest of the house remains safe from the effects of the kitchen appliances.

Similarly, kitchens are playing a pivotal role in commercial areas. We find restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, and workplaces with kitchens. But, these kitchens are, comparatively, different than the regular kitchens or home kitchens mainly based on their equipment.

General Appliances/Equipment Use in Kitchens

Kitchens complete under the influence of different appliances, without these appliances a kitchen is nothing but a simple room. In both of the kitchens, we find several kitchen equipment names. For example, stoves, microwave ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, grinders, blenders, pots, kettles, pans, knives, and some other equipment.

Regular Kitchen Equipment

Now, the debate is that what features or equipment make the commercial kitchens different than that from the regular kitchens. Well, the below-given discussion will make us know to find out the possible differences based on which we can conclude that how does commercial kitchen equipment differ from regular kitchen equipment?

Differences Between Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Regular Kitchen Equipment

  • The Size Of The Equipment

The size of the equipment is the main thing that brings the difference. In houses, the regular size stoves, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators, etc. are used. Whereas, on the other hand, in the commercial kitchens these appliances are used with large or, somewhere, extra-large sizes. For example, on the regular stove, you may cook at least two or three loaves at all. But in the commercial stove one can easily prepare more than three loaves at one time. The commercial microwave ovens are large enough that at one time you can warm or bake multiple items. Similarly, other equipment in the commercial kitchens including refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, and coolers, etc. are large enough that one can walk in them.   

  • The Layout/Design  

The design or layout is another point that brings the differences between regular and commercial kitchens. For home kitchens, the design of the kitchen equipment chooses according to the requirements or need. Sometimes the appliances' designs are chosen according to the kitchen designs to offer a unique look. However, on the other hand, commercial kitchen appliances are also chosen according to the environment or space of the kitchen. 

  • Quality

In both cases, the quality of the equipment does matter. But, to perform multiple tasks through single equipment or appliance the quality should also be high and unique. However, in the home or regular kitchens, there are no hard and longer tasks are required by the equipment, so, the quality is not a big deal.  

  • Safety

Safety is another main concern while buying kitchen appliances. In both of the cases, for instance, for regular kitchens and commercial kitchens, safety is on priority. But, the safe level of the commercial kitchens is high are because of their performance level. The regular kitchen appliances can be operated by anyone easily. However, it is a hard task to operate the types of equipment that are used in commercial kitchens.

small kitchen equipments

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