Comparison Between Cooktops and Built-in Hobs Available in Dubai

21 Jun 2019

Kitchen is the basic part of a home without which home does not seem like a complete home. Wherever you live, you need to take food for spending a standard lifestyle. Kitchen properly provides you the place to cook or to serve a meal to you and your family. A kitchen comprises of several appliances which collectively complete a kitchen. From these appliances, a stove is the basic thing without which there is no importance of a kitchen. The stove is the thing through which you actually cook or bake your meal.

With the passage of time, the changes and improvements are coming to see in the kitchen appliances especially in stoves. Now, several kinds of kitchen stoves we are using in our homes today and these kinds are also useful in Dubai. Today, there are two main and latest categories of stove exist and these are cooktop and built-in-hobs. Both are much similar but are different at some extents. Both these are using on a large scale in Dubai. Almost all the finest and well-known appliances companies in Dubai are working on these major types to make your kitchen complete and charming. Now, the thing to ponder is which category is the best for our kitchen today. Here we are going to offer a brief description about both of these categories. Read them and then choose the best option to give a fantastic look to your kitchen as well as to facilitate yourself:  

Cooktops For kitchen:

This is a common heating providing device to pans or pots for cookery purposes. The device is commonly powered by electricity or gas or by oil or other fuels in some cases.

Advantages and Uses of Cooktops

Following are the advantages of Cooktops you have to know before setting it into your kitchen:

1.       Speed of Working

For this cooking appliances, the biggest selling point is the speed of cooking. It provides heat faster while taking less time. You can serve the meal to your family or friends within no time as compared to other local and normally using stoves or other related appliances.  

2.       Energy Proficiency 

The latest cooktops including induction cooktops are considered as energy efficient or energy saver. The burning flame intensity is much high which prepare your meal within less consumption of energya .  

3.       It is Safe

As compared to the regular stoves or local stoves use in the kitchen cooktops or latest trendy cooktops are safe on a high degree. The cooktop does not get hot as much as other appliances get hot. When you turn on your cooktop your pan gets hot quickly and after turning down the cooktop the pan also gets cool instantly. So, you can experience a safe cooking time.    

4.       It Is controllable

The latest cooktops are designing in such a way that these are more responsive in order to control them. You can easily and quickly control the temperature that you need to any extent. So, it would falter to cook in low setting at the cooktop.

5.       Easy to Clean  

The cleaning is easy as much as to cook your meal through cooktops. This is because the latest cooktops do not get hot. Even after turning it down you can clean it. Moreover, these are already clean and neat enough that you do not have to effort much in order to clean them. ,

Built-in-Hobs In Kitchen

Built-in-Hobs are actually the permanent gas stove and these are the latest type of stove or kitchen appliance.

Advantages and uses of Built-in Hobs

Following are the advantages and uses of Built-in-hobs you have to know before setting it into your kitchen:

1.       Modern and Clean Look

This appliance is the modern invention and it gives the modern look to your kitchen. If you are going to build a fitted kitchen in your home then you are highly recommended to install built-in-hob in your kitchen for enhancing the value of not only your kitchen but of your home.  

2.       Place to Use

The designers reveal the fact that for small-sized kitchens built-in-hobs are the best match. These do not occupy much surface area. However, these save the space for other kitchen appliances like drawers, fridges and some others.

3.       Functionalities And Features

Latest built-in-hobs are designed with the latest and exceptional functionalities or features. These are set with the alarms and times. So, one must not be worried about overcooking or less cooking. You can easily program your built-in-hob at a specific temperature to cook your meal according to your need.

4.       Cleaning

The cleaning of these types of appliances is also easy but you have to clean them with full care because these are with sensitive and responsive functionalities. However, these are well designed and are clean in look already. So, you would get less need to clean them again and again. But, make it sure that you are not going to spread food items on your built-in-hob.    

5.       Installation

The installation of built-in-hob is, somehow, difficult or complex as compared to other appliances like freestanding cooktops. One has to pay full attention while setting or installing the built-in-hob in the kitchen for avoiding any harm. However, if you pay proper attention then everything is easy.

6.       Cost Range 

Built-in-hobs as compared to other kitchen appliances or cooktops are reasonably expensive. But, for those who want to give an exceptional look to their kitchens, it is the best option. But, must keep the thing into mind that it won’t be easy to change or reinstall your built-in-hob again and again.