Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Digital Marketing in UAE?

20 Jun 2018

Artificial Intelligence or AI is nothing new to ears. It’s been here for years. No more it belongs to sci-fi stories. For us, it is the umbrella term under which everything of modern life exists. From our refrigerators to washer to all home appliances, monitoring and security systems, it is present everywhere. 

Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computing which emphasizes to make machines intelligent, enabling them to act like humans. It allows systems to learn directly from the data, analyze it and make results and predictions according to certain rules.

How Artificial Intelligence will take over digital marketing?

Like other areas of life, AI is expanding at a rapid rate in e-commerce. It is predicted that it will totally take over digital marketing in the next few years. We already see AI in the form of chatbots, voice recognition, picture identification, and recommended products in e-commerce.

AI provides an extremely personalized experience. It analyses big data more quickly and intelligently as compared to humans. It provides every user a different content to cater to their specific needs based on their interest and choice. The personalized shopping experience boosts sales and increases profit.

Most of the business owners find difficult to keep the exact track of inventory. AI enables you to remain up to date with stock shelves. It keeps the exact record of everything, as much as you use it in your business, it will prove more beneficial. By analyzing your business, customers, and market it will give accurate predictions and analysis about current and prospective inventory needs.

Most of the online retailers have atomized chatbots which talk very intelligently and are available all the time to cater to the needs of customers. They provide them assistance and answer their queries immediately. These “chat now” boxes and quick Facebook messengers by most of the brands are operated by both programs. Amazed? Yes, it has been extremely difficult to tell the difference between human and automated response.

Voice assistant  technology:

The other fast-emerging technology is voice assistant, which allow users to search their queries by talking. Giants like Amazon and Google are already practicing it. The trend is expected to grow at the fastest rate.

Facial recognition is another important implication of AI in e-commerce. It can capture customers’ emotions while dealing with them for certain products and will help to analyze the products customers prefer. It could analyze their impressions and feelings about certain packaging. 

Most of the times, one wish to purchase some item but doesn’t know what that called. To assist such customers, AI allows them to upload an image of that product so that it could show them their required product.

It’s the time to opt for Artificial Intelligence to smarter your business. Keep visiting to get timely updates about the latest e-commerce trends and Artificial Intelligence.