Consider these Top 10 LED TVs in UAE in 2019 before buying

31 Jul 2019

All the TV users who are thinking to buy a new LED TV are to inform that there is no specific time to buy your new LED TV. With the passage of time, the technologies are changing and every time the latest features come to see in LED TVs. The most considerable thing is to sort out a Best LED TV with maximum features within reasonable price ranges. So, if you are also looking for the same values then we are here to guide you better. Here you can find 10 LED TVs in UAE which are listed among the top LED TVs in Dubai in 2019:

1.       A 65-inch Q8FN 4K UHD TV by Samsung

If you are considering a big screen to make your TV lounge or bedroom valuable then this is the best option for you. This TV comes with Quantum-dot technology which is unbeatable in order to offer vibrant and accurate colors. This TV with 4K UHD or 2160p features and resolution of 3840x2160 looks like one of the premium TVs in UAE in Dubai.    

Price: $2,300

Size: 65"

2.       Sony offers XBR65X900F A 4K UHD TV

Sony has always been a luxurious one brands in the markets throughout the world. In 2019, a TV with 65 inches big screen with the resolution of 3840 by 2160p on a 120Hz panel is an awesome idea delivered by Sony. Moreover, it shows a thin bezel and low weighted handsome structure offers a great value to your bedroom or any other place where you place it. Furthermore, with advancement, remote controlling system is another unique feature by this LED TV of Sony.   

Price: $1,498.00

Size: 65"

3.       65 inches OLED65E9PUA 4K UHD TV By LG

LG is one of the trusted names in manufacturing electronic appliances. HD TVs considered as the latest inventions by LG and this mentioned TV name LG offers with amazing features and qualities. This smart TV is a member of LG E9 series and this series comes with incremental improvements that never seen before by LG appliances. It is light weighted smart TV which comes with multiple connectivities such as Bluetooth, wifi, HDMI, coax connector, USB and many others. It has made by a unique and attractive look and offers uniqueness and attraction to your TV room.

Price: $3,796.99

Size: 65"

4.       Sony Bravia XBR65A1E OLED TV

Once again we come with the name of Sony. This is because, in 2019, Sony comes with extra improvements and is offering unique features to buyers. This smart TV comes with the super thin panel. It is covered by a removable cover you can use this cover according to your need. However, this cover helps you in hiding cables attached to this smart TV. It offers a unique and beautiful look and also shows the feature of multiple connectivities. If you are looking for something bigger and extra smart then must buy this smart TV.

Price: $2,999.00

Size: 65"

5.       H8F 4K UHD TV by Hisense

Hisense is a china based multinational electronic companies which have become a well-known name in offering smart TVs in 2019. Among the Cheap LED TV with unique features in Dubai, it is top of the list. If you really want to get an exceptional product by this company then once use this smart TV. It is a light weighted appliance comes with a beautiful and smart dimension. It offers multiple connectivities with a big screen, thin panel, and less bezels. It will surely enhance the values of your TV lounge and also will be part of good entertainment for you and your family.

Price: $499.99

Size: 55"

6.       55R617 55-inch 4K UHD Roku smart TV By TCL

TCL is also a China-based multinational company which is a well-known name in manufacturing electronic appliances. The appliances by this company are running and using throughout the world and are considered as one of the best LED TV in Dubai. This is a 55-inches smart TV with less bezels, thin panel and unique features. You can search all streaming such as Netflix and Youtube etc. through your hand remote offered by this smart TV.

Price: $529.00

Size: 55"

7.       LG Offers B8 With Excellent Smart Features

If you trust on LG but you need to get something with a reasonable price range but advanced feature then LG B8 smart TV is the best option for you. This smart TV comes with wide viewing angles, remarkable picture quality, wide color gamut, and peak brightness with decent HDR. Moreover, it offers a big screen with less bezels and multiple connectivity features. If you really want to get something better within reasonable price ranges as compared to above mentioned smart LED TVs then once try this.  

Price: $1,597

Size: 55”, 65”

8.       With Gaming Features Samsung Offers RU8000

If you want to get the taste of games along with TV programs then this is the best option for you offered by Samsung. It comes with a reasonable price range but advanced or extra features. Moreover, this smart TV comes with remarkably low input lag, motion interpolation, refresh rate technology with FreeSync variable feature and you can also get tear-free gaming experience with this smart TV. Furthermore, this smart TV also supports smart voice assistant feature.      

Price: $649

Size: 55”, 65”, 75"

9.       With Premium Performance TCL offers R617

If you are low in budget but at the same time you have the wish to use premium smart TV then TCL offers this best option for you. This smart TV doesn’t offer dark room performance and gaming features but it is the best one in offering other remarkable qualities. This smart TV comes with an easy to use and very smooth operating system, Roku OS, with the latest version.

Price: $529

Size: 55”, 65”, 75"

10.     Get Smart Features With Cheap Budget By TCL S425

This smart TV is one of the members of TCl 4 series. It allows you to get access to a very large number of apps. Streaming channels and with the remote app you can control this smart LED TV with great versatility. This is under the list of Best LED TVs in 2019 and this can also be the best appliance of your home. Moreover, it is available in multiple size ranges.

Price: $529

Size: 43”, 49”, 50", 55”, 65”, 75"