3 Basic Cooking Appliances to buy online in UAE

10 Jan 2020

Food is one of the main parts of everyone's life, and cooking is a major part of the food. There are different kinds of Cooking appliances to buy online that are available in the market of UAE and how they affect your food cooking skills. The UAE is a region that is enriched with minerals like natural gas so almost 90 percent of families in this region use Cooking Appliances to cook food.


Gas Hobs


Gas hobs in UAE are one of the common cooking vessels and people are used to them. Different companies in UAE are manufacturing gas hobs and improving their fire burning mechanisms. A gas hob in the UAE is an important part of daily life. There are multiple types of gas hobs available in the market and we are going to give you details about all of them. 

  • Things to consider when buying one

Here are some of the things that you have to consider while buying a gas hob for yourself in UAE. 

1. Does it have a safety lock to make it childproof?

2. Does it have an option to accommodate a fish kettle?

3. A good gas hob in Abu Dhabi has a different temperature, low for simmering and high for quick charring or quick-cooking. 

4. Does it have the option to remove its parts for easy clean?

5. How efficient is your Dubai gas hobs in cooking food for a big party?

  • Where to buy a good Gas Hob

There are multiple ways to find a good gas hob as great Buy cooking appliances online in UAE. Different companies have their own type of gas hobs available in the Dubai market and you can go on these markets to get one for yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go and search for a gas hob for yourself there is always a choice to find a good one online. There are many online stores in the UAE which have good gas hobs like plugnpoint. You can find different variety of gas hobs on these online stores at drastically different price points. So what are you waiting for get your gas hob on sale right now? 

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker is one of the best cooking appliances to buy online that you get for yourself. It will provide you a speed cooking process for your house. There are multiple types of rice cookers available in the market from different companies and each has a unique ability. Right now almost every electric appliance brand is making their rice cooker and but if you want the best for yourself-search it online.There are many benefits to order your rice cooker in UAE from an online store like Plugnpoint. In UAE people are getting more attached to online shopping and the main reason behind it is their fast home delivery system and top-notch quality of the product. There is one more attraction of these online stores that you can see a different variety and brands of rice cookers in Dubai on a single platform.

  • Benefits of a Rice Cooker

In a region like UAE where people love to eat rice with every meal, a good quality rice cooker can be a perfect partner for your kitchen. Imagine if you have to host a big meal for your family and friends, there is lots of rice that you have to cook. In that case, instead of giving extra time to your rice, you can choose an electric rice cooker. There are many other benefits of rice cookers in Dubai that we are going to discuss.

  • The size of the rice cooker may not seem a big feature to you but it is. Instead of having a big pot on your stove an electric rice cooker is easily adjustable anywhere in the house with an electric connection.
  • An electric rice cooker works on electricity and it is very important to know about the electric consumption of the home appliance when you buy it. Electric rice cookers in UAE from most companies don’t use too much electricity to cook your rice. So it is a great kitchen appliance in the UAE to work fast and also saves your energy bill.
  • You need a good kitchen appliance to help you out in the kitchen, Rice cooker is the same kind of appliance for you. No matter what you are doing it will give you rice cooked to perfection every single time. It is a very efficient kitchen appliance which will help you cook the rice without looking at them again and again.
  • A good rice cooker is not only applicable to just boiled rice but it can also be used to cook another kind of rice as well. You can cook brown rice, steamed rice, and many other types.
  • Most of the rice cooker is becoming more advanced with technology, but there is one system that is embedded in every single electric rice cooker and that is one push system. 

So here are all the benefits that you will get after buying a rice cooker for yourself. Online stores like plugnpoint are offering different products on the same platforms. There are multiple types of rice cookers available in the market from different companies and each has a unique ability.

Electric oven

From ages people were using gas or wood ovens to cook their food, these methods are very effective in the cooking process but also consume a lot of time of yours in the kitchen. In a country like Dubai where life is so fast you don’t have hours to cook food on gas or wood ovens. You need a good electric oven as your kitchen partner. In gas ovens, the mechanism of igniting the gas to create heat was very dangerous but in electric oven technology, the heat is applied to food through specially designed coils. These coils adjust the temperature according to your preference on the food that you are cooking which makes it a perfect kitchen appliance. 


Now there are certain advantages that you will get with an electric oven and we are going to discuss

  • It is energy efficient

These ovens are very conventional. They circulate heat throughout all the spaces of ovens by fans so your meal will cook evenly. 

  • Compact size shape

Electric ovens in Dubai are very compact and it is easy for you to fit them anywhere in the kitchen. More than 40 percent of houses in Dubai have an electric oven in the kitchen to help them in cooking.

  • Even cooking

With a gas oven, you guys need to take good care of your food and keep an eye on it all the time so it will cook properly. You have to change the direction of the food so that it can cook evenly. This oven will give you even cooking with the help of a rotating grill and plate embedded in it. 

  • Light on your pocket

The best thing about these electric ovens is their price range. Electric oven price in Dubai starts from 400 AED and goes on to 2000 AED. But you will get the best cooking from an even fair price electric oven.

  • You won’t get dry food

These smart electric ovens have different kinds of temperature setting options from which you can choose according to your preference.

So, here are top 3 Kitchen cooking appliances to buy online n UAE. You can get them home delivered from Plugnpoint.