What are the benefits of going for cooking ranges rather than ovens?

01 Apr 2019

If you cook and are looking for some appliance to make it your default cooking appliance then you have many options. From all the available options the cooking ranges and ovens are the most popular ones. A cooking range, oven, and a stove are all different things. However, it is difficult to say and tell that one is better than the other. It might be good for you but not for all. It depends on your choice and works which one suits you better. If you can afford it is good to have both in your kitchen.


Difference between the two

Before we get into other things, first of all, let’s talk about the basic difference between the two. So, an oven is where you bake things. You can roast and do many other tasks in it. A cooking range is on top of an oven containing different sizes and number of burners. It is not always necessary that the oven would have cooking range on it. For instance, we are talking about the built-in oven here. These are fixed in walls and do not have a stove at all.

The cooktop is a completely different thing. It is just a top with some burners on it. Here at plug n point, we have a wide section of all the cooking ranges and top quality ovens. You should have a look at them. Choose your favorite one. Plug n point provides you the opportunity of the best appliances from trusted and well-known brands.


Cooking ranges vs ovens

The very first thing to notice is their designs. All the cooking ranges have an oven built in. while the ovens do not have cooktops with burners on it. What is your choice in this case? Well, you would definitely need to cook on the stove sometimes. You can’t cook everything in the oven. So is the case with cooking ranges. You sometimes need to have an oven. But the cooking ranges have one. So, if yours doesn’t have an oven then buy it from plug n point at best rates. The debate ends here, but if you are still comparing then follow on.  

The cooking rages are better in a way that you can fit them anywhere in your kitchen and move it to make space if you need. Then you can take them with you if you are shifting or leaving the house. On the other hand in case of ovens. You have to fix them in the wall. Once you do that it is almost impossible to take them out and use again after fixing in wall or cabinet again. The built-in ovens give your kitchen a beautiful look.


Their features

If you are looking and want to buy an oven with more space then built in ovens are not to go for. Cooking ranges have an oven with more space. But if you would like the one that looks beautiful and fits in the wall or cabinet then ovens are your go-to the appliance. At the same time built in ovens have an option. You can install them at your desired height so that you do not have to bend and take the food out easily. You would definitely have to bend if you are using the oven in cooking ranges.



Energy efficient

If you are into energy saving, almost everyone is these days. Then energy efficient cooking range or ovens is the best one. Usually, you can’t compare the gas cooking ranges and ovens but in case of electric appliances, you surely can. Gas is cheaper as compared to electricity, just to let you know. In case you were wondering which range or cooker is best according to energy efficiency, we just told you, the gas appliance is better. Also if you are thinking which one is better among these two, there is not much difference in running cost of these two.  

Cooking ranges can cost more if you are using the grills, hobs, and ovens at the same time. As it could cause it to burn a lot of gas or electricity. But, you would get your work done faster. In the case of ovens, you can only use the oven. If you have to prepare a lot of food then it might get late for you. If you want to have a look at electric oven collection at plug n point then check these out.



This might not be important but it is good to just check it out. After all, you would be using your kitchen daily so it has to look good and according to your choice. Cooking ranges have different colors and tones but the built-in ovens only have few. It could make your kitchen beautiful or ugly depending. Ovens do have different colors but not as much as cooking ranges.