What are the Differences Between Steam Iron & Dry Iron?

16 Apr 2019

The first question is what a steam iron is and what the dry iron is? Then what are the differences between these two? So, here it is:


Dry Iron

The dry iron is a box with the thermostat. The heat is emitted from the sole plate that is at bottom. The sole plate on these do not have a steam function but do have holes. The only settings available are for temperature.  


Steam Iron

Steam irons are similar to dry irons but with little more features. These also emit heat from the sole plate but there are holes too that emit steam. This steam makes the ironing process better and fast.



There are some pros and cons to each of the iron. There are some things that you get in the steam irons that dry iron does not have and vice versa. As far as the differences between these are here are the difference.


Water and steam

The main difference is that steam irons have a built-in function for generating steam. For that, they also have a water tank. On the other hand, dry irons do not have anything like it. If you need to have steam while working with dry irons you should get a water sprinkler. Steam irons are faster at ironing because the wrinkles are quick to kill due to steam.


Holes, no holes!

Steam irons have holes in the sole plate, more holes mean better steaming. That is from where they emit steam, while the dry irons do not have any steam function. But they still have holes that is because if you use the sprinkler the steam could be released over a larger extent. So this way the wrinkles are easily removed. Dry irons, because they do not have many holes they are easy to clean and polish. If we come to the steam irons their sole plates hard to clean and maintain. You should take care of it and see for holes should not be blocked.



The steam irons have a steam function, you already know that, but there is another feature. You can get extra steam and mist there you need. There is a button that does this. The benefit of steam is that you can iron the clothes faster, the stubborn wrinkles get out fast and you can finish the task better and quick. But there is a disadvantage too. The steam irons after some time start to leave marks and spots on clothes while ironing. These marks are hard to remove.


Additional features

There are no additional features on the dry irons. The only settings you can do are temperature settings. On the other hand, steam irons have a temperature, steam, and some more settings too if you go up the price range. You can also sometimes gets confused because of all the functions that iron can have. Some models also have the led display where all the settings are displayed so that you know what you are doing.



Advantages and disadvantages

Steam irons

Steam irons are quick, fast, they get rid of wrinkles and creases better and easily. They can be used as dry irons too. They can leave marks on the cloth. Every fabric can’t be pressed using steam irons. You need to take more care of these and keep the holes unclogged at all times. These also have safety features and auto shut off. So, if you often forget to turn off the irons then with these you would not have to worry about.Check out the list of top smart appliances for the home.


Dry irons

They do not have any steaming feature, you have to use the sprinkler. Every type of cloth can be ironed with these. These do not require too much-taking care of. They are also cheap and last long. The sole plate is easier to clean. Dry irons do not leave marks on clothes but they take time to take out creases too.


Which one you should buy

After weighing the pros and cons of these irons types, you would already have reached conclusions and made the decision that, which one you are going to buy. Actually, it is based on your decisions and what you like because, hey, after all, you are the one that is going to do ironing with the iron you would buy and not us. Anyways still here is the final word from us. If you are really looking to iron the clothes quickly and want the wrinkles and creases to go out quickly then definitely go for the steam irons. Because with these you can do the task quick, fast and more efficiently.  The steam irons are useful if you are one of the persons that have to iron their clothes daily or do lots of them at a time.

You can iron some clothes with the steam irons, in that case, you can use the steam iron as dry iron. But the thing is, is it worth spending the money on steam iron when you are going to use it, mostly, as dry iron? Ask yourself that question and then decide. The dry irons are simple and plain. They do not have steam and if you want steam you can use water sprinkler separately. The features are limited on this one but it gets the job done in cheap! Now you can decide better! Oh, have you heard about the garment steamers? Check them out and get one if you like, from plug n point.