Special Eid Gift from Du on EID UL Adha 2019

17 Aug 2018

Around the globe, every year, Muslims from all over the world celebrate the most important festival and celebrations in the Islamic calendar known as Eid al Adha. This EID, Dubai's telecom operator and connection carrier, "du", offers free complementary WI-Fi. The Plgnpoint also offering home appliances sale on Edi in all over the UAE. A high-speed internet that will be available for free only during EID holidays and only in UAE, as of now. So, form Augusts the 19th to August the 23rd the residents of UAE would be able to enjoy and experience a free service that will be about 10 times faster than the internet people are using there right now.


                    This service will be completely free of cost, according to the company reports. The CEO of the company which is offering this service, Fahad Al Hassawi, gave the statement that we believe in creating a communication service that cannot be compared. We thought of bringing what we believe to life and hi-speed Wi-Fi was our way. The joyous occasion of EID will be more enjoyable when you have high-speed internet and you can talk to your loved ones and family that is overseas without a glitch.

                           The happiness is multiplied when you know that this wonderful service is free. And you cannot imagine, you would have no words to explain how much delighted you are when this came to your knowledge that the free high-speed internet will be available all the times during the EID holidays. Therefore, this EID do not worry about carrier and internet charges and wish all of your family, friends and relatives a very happy EID. This is a way of thanking our loyal customers who believe in us and made us what we are, said the company's deputy CEO, Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company (EITC).


EID al Adha comes as the annual Hajj, which is also a religious journey for Muslims, to the city of Makah. Thousands and millions of Muslims gather to perform the Hajj. The stoning of devil ritual, that takes place in holy city Mina, represents the rejection of devil's temptations and deeds. Then thousands of Muslims gather and offer a mass prayer in the Haram Sharif. Everywhere in the world Muslims pray EID prayers after the Fajar prayer. After the EID prayers has been offered it is mandatory to listen to the Khutba, which is also known as "sermon". After that, all Muslims, for the lack of a better term, hug each other and wish a happy EID. This religious Muslim festival is to care for others and Muslims do so by slaughtering animals and distributing the meat among family and friends, poor and neighbors and the needy ones. This EID is the second of two major festivals Muslims have. The first one is EID al Fitar.


Providing free internet for UAE by DU:

There is more to it than just providing free internet for UAE and making our customers happy. We are going to change the vision of the UAE in the eyes of the world. With the support of UAE's Vision and du, the company set its goal to let the better and fast internet be available for everyone all over the world. So that customers can connect whenever however anywhere in the world with each other. This Wi-Fi service is providing you the freedom you have always wanted. It is giving you the speed you ever thought of. The economical value and communication is unparalleled and non-match able; Said Fahad Al Hassawi. This initiative is taken by us to prove to the world that UAE can do it too and it can do it better. The free Wi-Fi UAE idea and basic goal for now is to make available a free Wi-Fi for the general public. This Wi-Fi service can be used on all devices that can connect with Wi-Fi like smart phones, laptops, tablets etc.


To get and remain connected these EID holidays 2018 you do not need to be worried because du took the initiative and provided you with free internet Wi-Fi service. Now you can enjoy the free internet that is 10 times faster and at no cost at all, Yes it is free. The good is still left in this world and in people.