Follow these Guidelines while Buying Electronics in Dubai

14 Mar 2019

If you are here in Dubai just to admire the architecture and enjoy the beaches then you are not enjoying Dubai life. It is much more than just that. Dubai is a heaven for shopping. Over some past years, it has become the world famous and most visited place for shopping. A bargain is also a part of shopping and if you know how to do it then you could save lots of money and also get the things you desire. If you already have not planned your next shopping trip then do so right now. Yes, shopping there is costly but if you follow this guide you can shop with a bargain in Dubai. If you are there to buy some electronics then visit the best place for buying electronics i.e. plugnpoint.  

Here is a link to best home appliances in Dubai, at plug n point. Bargaining is an art. Where it is beneficial for the buyer it is damaging for the retailer or seller. Some are good while others are not, it is not something to be worried or proud of. Here are a few tips and tricks that will uplift your bargaining skills. Follow our guide to buy at a bargain and hopefully, you will be successful at it. We wish you a happy and enjoyable shopping experience in Dubai.


Bargain at marketplaces

Here is a little bit about how you can bargain while shopping for anything in Dubai. Following are some places where you can do so. As every place is not for bargaining.


Global village

This is the place where you can enjoy, have entertainment and do shopping all at this one place. Global Village is a place you must visit and for all you bargain enthusiasts, this is where you show your bargain and negotiation skills. If you want to see the bargain culture and know how it is done go here. Your bargaining skills would come in handy if you have any. If you were to buy some households or other things then you should really check out these.


Gold Souq

if you were here Dubai and not have visited the gold souq? What have you been doing here? This gold souq in Dubai is really famous and the most suitable place where you can buy gold. This is where you should really use bargaining skills. This place is impossible to resist when you see the gold shining left to right and center.


Satwa souq

This is not just any place, but in fact, this is a community that consists of high-end retail and residential areas. Few things that are famous here are Iranian Hospital, Satwa Grand Mosque and the Al Satwa bus terminal. The shopping center there has an extensive collection of electronics, fabrics, and home and kitchen appliances. You can buy things like raw silk. The prices are really reasonable but if you want to you can always go for a bargain.


Meena Bazaar

This is a local market that is famous for its variety. Hirer, you can get all things from jewelry to watches and décor, accessories to furniture. It is adjacent to Al Bastakiya area. Prices are easily negotiable here but you have to know the skill. Do check out the readymade clothes and other as well.


The electronics

Here electronics are cheaper comparatively. You have lots of places here to buy electronics. The biggest electronics sale and place is the GITEX. GITEX is the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition that is held every year for a week. You can ask for discounts, offers, coupons, and sales there.


Karama shopping complex

This also is a place where people go shopping and bargaining. The place has some great souvenirs, fabric collection and many more things. All in all, this is one of those places that has everything in your reach. If you think that your budget is low you can always negotiate. Just like this plug n point is also a place where you can buy all the appliances and tools that you need in a home, kitchen, and dining.



Bargaining, an art

As we have talked about this earlier some people are good at bargaining and some are not. But we assure you that if you follow the guide and keep on doing it then you will be better with time. To help you bargain or negotiate better and get yourself some good stuff at good prices you should follow some of the following tips and tricks, (please). You can follow these it would be better but you can ignore these too.


Play it cool

Act cool and do not let your emotions burst through your facial expressions. Do not hesitate to have a look at more stuff. It is okay to walk away as you tell them to see more stuff in the market. But most probably they are not going to call you back.


Know your seller

Vendors do not like to let their customers go. If you act like you are there to buy something then there are chances are that they will offer you some extra.


Things to look out

Sometimes the salesman does not have the authority to offer you a discount. So if there is such a situation see what they have or offer extra with it. Like accessories or some gift. This could be a perfect little gift for someone if you do not want to have it.


No extra liking

If the seller senses your interest in a particular product or appliance then he/she would definitely sell you that in the price they want. If you are eager to buy something then you won’t get a good offer.


Ignore the First Offer

If the discount and bargaining have started then you should not settle on the first or second deal. They are offering a discount then likely the prices will fall more.


Do not ask for the price first

If you get into a shop or market and you are looking at the product. Do not ask the price quickly. In fact, check all the items you like. Separate the ones you think are better. Then choose those you want to buy. Finally, negotiate on price.


Try to get the price down

Keep your budget in mind and then try them to fall near it. If the prices are too high for you and you think like there will be no more discounts; then it is better to leave the shop and go to the next one. If the price is near your estimated or budget then buy.

Keep on practicing, keep in mind the tips and tricks. Do not try too hard and just let it be sometimes. Bargaining requires time if you are in a hurry then good and low offers might slip out of your hands. Buy good and quality stuff from plug n point at cheap rates and economical prices. Dubai is a place to visit as it has marvelous attractions and action.